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    "Grey's Anatomy" Has A Million Characters, But These 14 Deserved More Screentime

    Justice for George O'Malley!

    Grey's Anatomy has been running for over a decade, and while we all have our favorite main characters, from McDreamy to Evil Spawn, I think it's time we give flowers to some of the characters that didn't get enough screentime but definitely deserved more.

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    **Disclaimer: This is a list that includes both past and present characters from the show. Also, beware of spoilers!**

    1. George O'Malley

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    Starting off strong with possibly the most beloved character in Grey's Anatomy history. George O' Malley started day one on the show as an intern and was taken away from us too soon. If you watched from the beginning, then you noticed a decrease in his screentime, especially in his last season. I wish we had gotten more out of this character before he left the show.

    2. Stephanie Edwards

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    Stephanie Edwards was introduced in Season 9 as a new intern, and honestly, from the moment she started, I knew she was going to be one of my fave interns from that bunch. She was smart, witty, and had the potential to be an excellent surgeon. I wish we got more serious storylines from her character before her departure other than her love life. Even though I hated seeing her leave, she left the show a hero, which we don't see a lot. They either die or disappear, honestly, so this was refreshing.

    3. Denny Duquette

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    This death still hurts my heart with every watch! Denny Duquette was a huge part of Izzie's story. His storyline as a whole felt way longer than it was, and I would personally have loved to see him have a longer run on the show before his death.

    4. Carina DeLuca

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    Even though she's a newer addition to the show, I already feel like she's been pushed to the sidelines. She's kind of just floating around, so I can't wait to see how they develop her character. Carina came onto Grey's as an OB-GYN but has had more screentime on the spinoff, Station 19. She brings more LGBTQ representation to the screen, and she embraces sexuality in a way that we haven't really seen on the show before, which is a plus.

    5. Dahlia Qadri

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    Dahlia Qadri was one of the newer interns and the show's first hijabi intern, which is amazing all on its own. The scene where she took off her hijab to stop a patient from bleeding was one of the most iconic moments and was received so well by fans. She definitely deserved more screentime and more of a storyline, especially after that. Seeing her fired was so frustrating because 1) it just seemed like Bailey fired her 'cause she wanted to work with Meredith, and 2) she bought so much to the hospital that hadn't been seen before.

    6. Megan Hunt

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    Yet another character that was kind of thrown into the show and given a kinda good storyline and then disappeared. We never got to really know Megan Hunt and everything that came along with her trauma because she was gone as soon as we got more intel about her. She was an enjoyable character and brought out a side to Owen that we didn't typically see.

    7. Taryn Helm

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    Taryn Helm, aka Hellmouth, makes a great addition to the current intern class. For the most part, her quirky personality is enjoyable to watch. She started off as such a driven and passionate intern. She deserves more of a storyline than just being obsessed with Meredith Grey.

    8. Heather Brooks

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    Heather Brooks didn't add much to the show because she was killed off (electrocuted) so quickly, but I honestly think she deserved much better. She was just starting to find her footing in the program, and it was good to see her personality work alongside Derek's. They were two quite different characters, and that contrast bought a lot to the screen. It was refreshing to see her on the show because she was basically the opposite of every other character, in the sense that she wasn't so serious all the time and didn't have drama.

    9. Nathan Riggs

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    Nathan Riggs was only on the show for three seasons, but I feel like as soon as he started to get more of a storyline, he was ripped away from us. Out of those three seasons, we only really got two or three storylines that focused on him and his life. He left the show so quickly, we never got the true character arc that we deserved. I just wish we got more of him because he would've been a great long-term addition to the show.

    10. Maggie Pierce

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    This is definitely an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like Maggie Pierce. She's determined, strong-headed, and ambitious. We mostly see her struggling to find a relationship that truly suits her, but there is way more they can do with her than just have her make poor decisions about men. For the most part, she's a relatable and well-rounded character that should get more screentime.

    11. Casey Parker

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    Casey Parker is another newer intern who started on the show in Season 14. It's been three, almost four, seasons since his arrival, and he still hasn't had any major storylines yet. He's been a big part of other storylines but still hasn't had one of his own. The show hasn't ever had a transgender lead, and there's so much potential for him to develop into a great character.

    12. Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey

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    Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren. OK, so their individual characters aren't short on screentime, but their relationship could use way more. They had a huge storyline this past season, and I hope this streak of seeing them together onscreen continues. We need more of this wholesome couple.

    13. Meredith Grey

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    Yes, you read that right. I put Meredith "Main Character" Grey on this list. Let's unpack this. So we all know that Meredith GREY is the main character of GREY's Anatomy, but you have to admit that in later seasons, especially the ones right after Derek died, her only BIG storylines have revolved around her love life. We love that, and of course we want her to find someone, but we want more for the Catherine Fox Award–winning surgeon than what she has been getting. She obviously gets screentime because she's the main character, but to have two, maybe three, really biiiiiig storylines these past five seasons as the main character doesn't sit right with me.

    14. And last but never least, Bokhee.

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    Where do I begin? Let's face it: She's everyone's favorite character! She is honestly the glue that holds each and every surgery together, and she deserves more! I wish she got more of a storyline or at least a backstory about how she got interested in the field. She never backs down from any situation, from shootings to fires, and deserves a gold medal for all she's done. What would this list be if I didn't include our surgical nurse queen Bokhee?

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