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Here Are 20 Black TikTok Creators That You Should Follow ASAP

Guaranteed to make your FYP better than ever!

If you've ever spent any time on TikTok, then I'm sure you already know the TikTokers that everyone follows like Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae. But here are 20 Black creators that you'll surely fall in love with and should follow ASAP.

NFL / Via

1. Starting off with everyone's TikTok mom, Tabitha Brown is a vegan food connoisseur and uses TikTok as a platform to show off her delicious recipes. Every single meal she makes looks like something that's come out of a vegan cookbook!

@iamtabithabrown / Via, @iamtabithabrown / Via, @iamtabithabrown / Via

I have seriously thought about going vegan a few times because of how good her food looks!

Follow Tabitha on TikTok at @iamtabithabrown.

2. Another great person to follow if you love Food TikTok is Tati. Not only does she cook amazing recipes but she also shows you how to cook on a budget with her "Dollar Tree meals."

@goodeatswithtati / Via, @goodeatswithtati / Via, @goodeatswithtati / Via

Follow Tati on TikTok at @goodeatswithtati and @thereal_tati.

3. Christian Paul wows his audience with his incredible custom made desserts that look like they came fresh out of a bakery.

@_christianpaul) / Via, @_christianpaul / Via, @_christianpaul / Via

Follow Christian on TikTok at @_christianpaul.

4. Everyone loves a good TikTok dance. The most popular dance in the app's short history — the iconic "Renegade" — was created by Jalaiah Harmon, and she hasn't stopped dancing since.

@jalaiahharmon / Via, Via

Follow Jalaiah on TikTok @jalaiahharmon.

5. If you want help learning all the cool TikTok dances, Jordan Ray makes super easy tutorials for just about every viral dance trend. They're super easy to follow and she'll have you dancing like a pro in no time!

@jordannoelleray / Via, @jordannoelleray / Via

I definitely watch her every single time I want to learn a new dance.

Follow Jordan on TikTok at @jordannoelleray.

6. Finding easy hairstyles for curly hair can be difficult at times but TikToker Draco Dez shows her followers how to get so many cute, natural looks and also experiments with hair wax to add fun colors to her hair!

http://@draco.dez / Via, Via, Via

Follow Draco Dez on TikTok at @draco.dez.

7. Andrea, another hair TikToker, gives tutorials and hair advice for people with Type 4 hair. It's not always easy people with Type 4 hair to feel seen in the natural hair community since it's rarely featured, but her tutorials are super helpful and amazingly easy to follow.

@andreawiththecurls / Via, Via

Follow Andrea on TikTok at @andreawiththecurls.

8. If you need any help finding plus-size fashion, Ms. Kristine is the perfect person to turn to! She showcases a ton of different styles and they're all super plus-size friendly.

@trendycurvy / Via, Via, Via

Follow Ms.Kristine on TikTok at @trendycurvy.

9. If you're looking for a makeup guru to follow, Ariam is the perfect TikToker for you! Even when showing off makeup looks, she makes sure to incorporate her Blackness. Last February, Ariam did a whole Black History Month series where she showed makeup looks from each decade, starting with the '20s, while also highlighting important Black figures from those years that deserve more recognition.

@iambrattyb / Via, Via

Follow Ariam on TikTok at @iambrattyb.

10. TikToker and artist Laetitia Ky uses her hair to create amazing art and it's one of the most mesmerizing things I've ever seen.

@laetitiaky / Via, Via

Follow Laetita on TikTok at @laetitaky.

11. Nate White never fails to bring a smile to my face when he's doing hilarious skits and dances with his mom. Along with being hilarious, he's also a fashion designer and has made designs for Nicki Minaj, Winnie Harlow, and more!

@nene_la_shiro / Via, Via

Follow Nate on TikTok at @nene_la_shiro.

12. If you're looking for ways to help out your community, get inspired by Shirley. She started a non-profit organization called Beauty 2 The Streetz and uses her platform to help the homeless in her community by providing clothes, food, accessories, haircuts, and more.

@beauty2thestreetz / Via, Via

Follow Shirley on TikTok at @beauty2thestreetz.

13. If you're someone who loves watching storytime videos, then Sir Carter is the perfect person for you to follow. Each of his stories sounds like something that would happen in a drama series and I live for each and every single one. He does fashion, makeup, and modeling as well!

@sirthestar / Via, Via,

Follow Sir on TikTok at @sirthestar.

14. Jackie, aka the queen of being relatable, is well-known on TikTok for posting hilarious and clever skits. Not only is she funny, but she also uses her platform for activism by spreading awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement to her two million followers.

@fatraco0n / Via, Via, Via

Follow Jackie on TikTok at @fatraco0n.

15. Another TikToker to follow for hilarious skits and dances is Tray. If you're ever having a bad day, just scroll through his page and you'll be laughing and in a better mood in no time.

@schoollunchtray / Via

Follow Tray on TikTok at @schoollunchtray.

16. If you're ever looking for advice or have questions you're scared to ask someone about the vagina, then Dr. Nicole is the perfect TikToker for you. An OB-GYN with 227K followers, she gives advice on menstruation, info about pap smears, and lots more about what to expect when going to the gynecologist.

@nicolealiciamd / Via, Via, Via

Follow Dr. Nicole on TikTok at @nicolealiciamd.

17. Taylor Cassidy is best known for her motivational TikToks where she inspires her audience to be the best version of themselves. She also uses her platform to teach people about Black history and Black historical figures.

@taylorcassidyj / Via, Via, Via

Follow Taylor on TikTok at @taylorcassidyj.

18. Wisdom Kaye, aka the best-dressed guy on TikTok, uses his platform to show off his amazing sense of fashion and also gives people advice for shopping on a budget. His style tips and tricks are a must for people who want to step up their fashion game!

@wisdm8 / Via, Via, Via

Follow Wisdom Kaye on TikTok at @wisdm8.

19. This one is for all you anime lovers! MizuShogun makes a ton of insightful videos — from deep explainers to character fact rundowns.

@mizushogun / Via, Via

Follow MizuShogun on TikTok @mizushogun.

20. If I had to use one word to describe Julian Bass's TikToks it would be extraordinary. He uses visual effects and amazing transitions to create masterpieces that look like they came from the best movie VFX team.

@thejulianbass / Via, @thejulianbass / Via

Follow Julian on TikTok at @thejulianbass.

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