22 Bone-Chilling Photos Of The Ocean, Just In Case You Wanted To See How Truly Scary It Is

    Sorry in advance for unlocking a new fear.

    Warning: These photos may be disturbing for some. If you have a fear of the ocean, proceed with caution.

    1. The fact that there's not enough light to see what's lurking in the dark next to you is terrifying.

    Phil Dotchon swims between mysterious cone-like underwater formations in Mimoso Cave

    2. This picture definitely made my stomach drop.

    3. There's no amount of money in the world someone could pay me to go through this dark cave.

    Cave diving in Thailand

    4. The difference in size between the diver and the anchor hawsehole absolutely terrifies me for some reason.

    Diver at Anchor Hawse Hole at Bow of USS Saratoga, Marshall Islands, Bikini Atoll, Micronesia, Pacific Ocean

    5. Sharks aren't the scariest things in the ocean — jellyfish are! Imagine diving and seeing a few of these surrounding you!

    Jellyfish underwater on black background

    6. Just wondering what's inside is giving me the shivers.

    A underwater cave diver about to swim into a dark cave

    7. The deeper you go, the darker it gets.

    A diver diving into a dark underwater cave

    8. This garden of eels just gives me the chills.

    Garden of eels

    9. I'm way more terrified of this picture than I probably should be.

    10. This image may look calm, but it's just reminding me that humans have only explored about 10% of the ocean and we have no idea what's in the rest.

    The depths in Honaïne, Tlemcen, Algeria

    11. This huge, daunting hole in the middle of the ocean spooks me!

    A large dark blue circle in the middle of lighter blue

    12. This picture was taken at a 111-meter depth...it genuinely makes me afraid to know how much deeper the ocean can go.

    At 111m depth, biologist diver Gilles Siu is taking water samples

    13. I bet this isn't even the spookiest thing you'd find in the ocean.

    14. Feeling kinda queasy looking at this, NGL.

    A lone diver highlighted underwater

    15. How people can just calmly explore the ocean is the biggest mystery to me.

    A scuba diver exploring the seabed

    16. One wrong move and you're plummeting to the bottom of who knows what.

    17. I'll stick to swimming pools, thank you very much.

    underwater view with a scuba diver in the waters of the Scandola marine reserve

    18. How this person is just able to chill out on the edge of a cliff, I'll never know.

    19. Deep water and tight spaces, count me out!

    a scuba diver swimming into a dark narrow cave

    20. Imagine going diving and seeing this in front of you.

    A dummy skeleton in a sunken submarine

    21. I'm very torn between thinking this looks kinda cool and thinking it's my worst nightmare.

    22. This image might actually haunt me.

    Close-up of giant sand tiger shark teeth underwater

    Well, that's that. I will now go back to avoiding the ocean at all costs, thank you.