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You Only Have $20 To Buy Lunch From Panera Bread — Can You Stay Under Budget?

Who doesn't love Panera Bread?

Hey! It's the best time of the day — lunchtime! You're super hungry since you skipped breakfast in order to make it to work early and you decide to head over to Panera Bread for lunch. Here's the thing, you only have $20 for your whole meal. That may seem like more than enough, but if you've ever been to Panera, then you know just how quickly those dollars can add up! Can you order a good lunch without going over budget?

20 dollar bill
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Here's everything else you need to know before you get started: You're selecting lunch just for yourself, so whatever you want, you can grab. You don't have to pick something in every category if you don't want to. There are no fancy additions/substitutions to your order. For example, you can't add extra dressing or extra avocado to a salad as that will cost extra. Prices per item have been taken from a Panera Bread in New Jersey and rounded up or down to the nearest dollar. Okay, I think that's everything you need to know. Let's go!