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    People Are Sharing Danger Signs That Someone Is Toxic, And They Couldn't Be More Right

    Friends don't lie!

    Sadly enough, I'm sure everyone has dealt with a toxic person in their life before. It's actually super common, but sometimes those clear signs can be missed or clouded by one's judgment.

    Regina holding hands with Grethen and Karen and yelling at Karen in "Mean Girls"

    That's why when Reddit user u/huffletoph asked, "What are some common signs that a person is toxic," people had lots to say.

    So here are just a few of the most common signs someone is toxic that redditors believe everyone should know.

    1. "Nothing is their fault."

    2. "They use their friends as the butt of their jokes to impress people."

    "The second someone confronts them about it or jokes about them, they get upset."


    3. "If you need to talk about something upsetting to you and the person makes it all about themselves, not even trying to look like they care."

    4. "They never offer to help anyone with anything ever."

    "They may, begrudgingly, do something they view as an obligation; however, they will never actively offer help to those around them."


    5. "If they’re talking about their other friends to you, they’re probably talking about you to their other friends."

    Regina talking on the phone to Cady about Gretchen in "Mean Girls"

    6. "They never own up to their mistakes and always blame other people."

    "They only care about themselves and don't listen or care when you share with them during a conversation. The conversation must always revolve around them. They constantly complain, are never positive, and thrive on drama in their lives. Plus, you feel exhausted around them or extremely uncomfortable because you're always walking on eggshells wondering if they are going to make a big deal over the smallest thing."


    7. "They don't hear what you actually say but put some negative spin on it, effectively putting words in your mouth that you actually didn't say."

    8. "They can't do something good without demanding appreciation for it."


    9. "They never ask about your life; they only call you when they need something or want to complain about their lives."

    10. "You always feel emotionally drained after leaving them."


    11. "If you realize you're a worse person around them, they're probably toxic to you."

    Cady turning down plans with Janis and Damien to do stuff with The Plastics in "Mean Girls"

    12. "They step right over a boundary you've just laid down, no matter how simple."


    13. "When you realize that being around them is an obligation and something you're doing not because you want to, but because you fear what you'll have to put up with if you don't."

    14. "They always need people emotionally there for them, but they become distant the second someone has emotional needs in return."


    15. And last but not least, "saying or doing something that makes you upset and calling you sensitive or any other insult for being upset."

    Do you have any examples of common signs that a person is toxic? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.