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    12 Celebs That Had No Problem Sharing The Spotlight With Their Children

    It's like bring your kid to work day...only cooler!

    Celebrities often keep their children out of the spotlight and avoid having them seen in public at all costs — as they rightfully should.

    Paparazzi taking photos

    But there are a few times where they'll let their child join them and bask in the spotlight. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's freaking adorable.

    So here are 12 celebs that have let their kids perform with them:

    1. During the 2020 ABC Network's The Disney Holiday Singalong, Pink, joined by her daughter, Willow, sang "The Christmas Song" together.

    Pink and Willow singing together

    Watch their performance here:

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    More recently, Pink had her daughter join her onstage at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards to perform Pink's song "Cover Me in Sunshine" — which she also recorded with Willow.

    Pink and Willow performing at the BillBoard Music Awards

    Watch their performance here:

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    2. Carrie Underwood's first-ever Christmas album was a special gift to the world, but what made it even more special for her was having her 6-year-old son, Isaiah, record a song with her.

    Underwood and her son recorded "Little Drummer Boy" together, and when looking back on the experience, Underwood remembers it to be entertaining and emotional.

    Carrie Underwood and her son recording "Little Drummer Boy"

    Watch the BTS video here:

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    3. Mariah Carey has never shied away from passing her amazing pipes down to her children. She's even practiced doing background vocals with them for her super-famous Christmas song "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

    Roc & Roe have been practicing the background vocals to "All I Want For Christmas Is You", we're gonna take this one step at a time - we're very excited about it! It's our first video doing this! It's festive, Cmon!! 🎄🎶🎄🎶💖

    @mariahcarey/ Twitter / Via Twitter: @MariahCarey

    Mariah enjoyed singing with her kids so much that she even had them cameo on her AppleTV+ Christmas special, Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special.

    4. Beyoncé and her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, have made music together since Blue Ivy was a year old.

    More recently, Blue Ivy recorded "Brown Skin Girl" with Beyoncé and even won a Grammy for it — making her the second-youngest person to ever win a Grammy at only age 9.

    A side by side by side photo of Blue Ivy at a basketball game, an announcer at the Grammys announcing Blue Ivy and Beyoncé winning, and Beyoncé accepting the Grammy

    Watch the Grammy award-winning video here:

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    Parkwood/ Columbia

    5. For Jennifer Lopez's performance at the Super Bowl LIV, she had her daughter Emme join her onstage to perform her song "Let's Get Loud."

    Emme Maribel Muñiz and Jennifer Lopez perform onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

    When talking to Jimmy Fallon about sharing the stage with her daughter, J.Lo explained that Emme wasn't at all nervous.

    JLo and her daughter Emme performing at the Super Bowl in 2020

    Watch their performance here:

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    NFL/ YouTube / Via

    6. In 2016, Chris Martin invited his children Apple and Moses onstage to perform his song "Up & Up" along with two of their cousins.

    Chris Martin's children Apple and Moses — along with their two cousins singing onstage

    Watch their performance here:

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    MUSICA e SHOW/ YouTube / Via

    On Coldplay's most recent album, Music of the Spheres, Apple and Moses can also be heard singing with their dad on the song "Humankind."

    7. It's no secret that Diana Ross loves bringing her family up onstage and sharing the spotlight with them. From award shows to performances, she's never shied away from an opportunity to bring them along with her.

    Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross attend the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    On the final night of Ross's Las Vegas residency in 2015, she invited her daughter, Tracee, to sing "Lady Sings the Blues" onstage.

    Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross singing on stage together

    Watch their performance here:

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    Remember Me/ YouTube / Via

    8. Just like her dad, Alexa Ray Joel followed in his footsteps and became a singer, songwriter, and pianist.

    Alexa Ray Joel joins her father Billy Joel onstage for a duet of the holiday classic "Merry Little Christmas" during Billy Joel's sold out show at Madison Square Garden

    In 2018, during Billy Joel's sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden, Alexa joined him onstage, and together they performed his song "New York State of Mind."

    Billy Joel and his daughter, Alexa Ray Joel performing on stage together

    Watch their performance here:

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    9. Jaden and Will Smith have shared scenes onscreen for a long time, and now they've even performed onstage together.

    Jaden Smith and Will Smith attend the "Suicide Squad" world premiere

    Back in 2018, Jaden opened up for J. Cole on the KOD tour, and his dad appeared onstage to join him while performing "Icon."

    Will and Jaden performing together on stage

    Watch their performance here:

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    Will Smith/ YouTube / Via

    10. I'm sure you know that Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter, Miley Cyrus, have a long history of working together. From acting in Hannah Montana together to singing duet after duet, performing together is nothing unfamiliar to them.

    Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Miley Cyrus duet performance of "Ready, Set, Don't Go," on "Dancing with the Stars"

    Together, they've written and performed several songs for Hannah Montana, including hits like "Butterfly Fly Away" and "Ready, Set, Don't Go."

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus singing "Butterfly Fly Away" together

    Watch their performance here:

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    Of course, they still perform songs together as the amazing duo they are. In 2019, Miley was joined by her dad and Lil Nas X at the Glastonbury Festival and sang "Old Town Road" together.

    Miley and Billy performing together

    Watch their performance here:

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    BBC / Via

    11. Superstar Alicia Keys loves performing, and what makes it even more special is when she can do it with her son, Egypt.

    Alicia Keys and her son Egypt Daoud Dean perform onstage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

    Back in 2019, at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Keys invited Egypt onstage to accompany her on the piano while she sang her song "Raise a Man."

    Alicia Keys and her son, Egypt performing together

    Watch their performance here:

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    Alicia Keys/ YouTube / Via

    12. And finally, it's almost no surprise that Lola Lennox followed in her mother, Annie Lennox's footsteps, and became a well-known singer/songwriter.

    MAY 06: Annie Lennox and daughter Lola Fruchtmann attend mothers2mothers Fashion Bazaar at CITIZEN

    In August, they came together and performed "Bridge Over Troubled Water" for a virtual fundraiser to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.

    Lola Lennox and Annie Lennox performing together via Zoom

    Watch their performance here:

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    Global Citizen/ YouTube / Via

    Do you have a favorite moment where a celeb shared the stage with their child? Tell me about it in the comments below!