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    This New "Among Us" Dating Trend Has Me Debating Whether I Should Laugh Or Cringe

    Why is Among Us becoming the new Tinder for 14-year-olds?

    Unless you're living under a rock, you've definitely heard of Among Us. It's a multiplayer game where one, two, or even three people are set as "imposters." From there you just complete tasks and figure out who the imposters are.

    InnerSloth LLC / Via

    It's super simple, but so fun — I'm obsessed.

    For the past few weeks, it's been the talk of the internet. Basically, everyone is playing it. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Even AOC has joined in on the fun.

    InnerSloth / Via

    With all the hype around the game, there have obviously been a lot of memes and trends floating around. One of the more random trends is people using the game to find love/shoot their shot.

    I guess Among Us is the new Tinder 🤣

    Via Twitter

    Videos and screenshots are popping up on TikTok and Twitter showing people flirting in between emergency meetings.


    Some things just aren’t meant to be. #amongus #amongusedit #impostor #sus #gamingontiktok

    ♬ Married Life - Michael Giacchino

    It can be an emotional rollercoaster, to be honest.

    Clearly this method seems to be working for some people. People are definitely fascinated in the trend — this video (of a successful Among Us romance!) has 11.2 million views.


    🥰 #amongus #fyp #lovestory

    ♬ Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector - your worst nightmare

    Yeah it's kinda crazy, but hey it just might work 🤷‍♀️

    But beware, like I said before it doesn't always work for everyone...


    An Among Us Catfish 😂 #amongus #youtube #xyzbca #fyp #foryou #impostor

    ♬ Blake Banuelos YT - Blarick

    But hey, if you too can get 35 million views from being catfished, then I say wear your heart on your sleeve and go for it.

    There you have it folks — just another sign that 2020 is the strangest year ever. Good luck to all of you imposters out there that are just trying to find your soulmate!

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