I can't help but comment witty - the people in Salem (Witch City) and wiles of their trials lead this Salem witch to smile.
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  • 13 Quick Ways to Tell if You’re a Witch

    Working in a tourist town and explaining witchcraft to average people can be very challenging and one of the questions I get most often is “How can I tell if I’m a witch?”… If you find that more than a few of these traits apply to you, then I suggest the study of witchcraft would probably be an intellectual and spiritual benefit to you:

  • Climate Change did NOT Cause the Salem Witch Trials

    Everywhere I look I see the headline “Did Climate Change Cause the Salem Witch Trials?” and I just want to respond angrily to every single article with a big “NO!” People still coming up with theories as to what caused the trials are always people new to the subject. Any person who has actually studied the trials knows that there was no one single “cause” and looking for a single “theory” is pretty uneducated. More at:

  • Laurie Cabot Closes Shop - Christian Day Opens Hex: New Orleans

    After 42 years, Salem’s Official Witch, the most respected and beloved freak in New England, Laurie Cabot is closing her shop for good. The other big news in Salem is also big news for Vieux Carre. Salem’s own Christian Day is opening up another incarnation of his successful Salem shop, Hex, in the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans.

  • A Wicked Solstice Season in Salem

    Sure, I could keep busy online by joining the War on Christmas, I considered writing an article on the topic, maybe covering the holiday’s pagan origins or just documenting conservative hubris, but so many others have already done so so eloquently. Also, I’ve been fairly busy getting into the holiday spirit - Salem Witch style. Full story at Salem Witch Wiles

  • Rob Zombie in Salem November 2011 Shooting Lords of Salem! Now that October is over you’d think the excitement in Salem would be over, but then on Monday a friend at a local ice cream shop asked me “Oh, do you know who Rob Zombie is?”. Apparently she had no idea who he was but said either he or some of his crew had just been in there browsing…So, at this point random people started telling me all the random places they were running into his film crews, all over the city… From the beautiful Greenlawn Cemetery in North Salem, to Essex st., rumors of Pioneer Village in South Salem - he even was filming down The Point! Full story at

  • Rob Zombie’s Latest Visit to Salem for Location Scouting (With New Pics!)

    No update on Rob Zombie’s visit to Salem yesterday on his blog yet, but he did stop to take lots of pictures and sign lots of autographs for fans, his Twitter says it was just more scouting and nothing too serious yet… Just now, though, he released some pictures so I’m sure his blog will be updated soon. Here’s your first exclusive look at these pictures which I recognize as being taken in Salem’s beautiful Harmony Grove Cemetery, which is a mile or less north of downtown. For full story click picture above or visit

  • On Metaphysical Reality and the Reality of Reality TV in Salem

    “Firstly, in a move that has got some Salem witches clutching their crystal balls the City Council decided to temporarily suspend the issuance of licenses to new psychics!… See, the way it works, a shop has to be more than half (51% to be precise) “metaphysical” in nature in order to be allowed to get a psychic license. …how the holy quantum hell does the city define “metaphysical”?… In an existentialist’s nightmare this term could technically include every single business that exists. In fact, it could specifically apply to non-existent businesses.” Full story at

  • Clues Leaked in “Lords of Salem” Behind the Scenes Photos

    Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem is taking shape as he slowly leaks more and more information. In the past month we have learned via his blog that shooting for the movie is now going to be “after the summer” instead of throughout this spring as was earlier reported. He has also posted some pictures taken by Wayne Toth in his fx studio. If you look reeeally close you can see they might give away a bit more than it first seems. This picture in particular is very interesting to me. Rest of story and more pictures at

  • New MMO Set During The Salem Witch Trials?

    A small game developing company named Seatribe is developing a game for Paradox Interactive which seems to be full of revolutionary ideas and has a lot of gamers buzzing. Their new browser-based MMO Salem is to be set in a fantastical and mythical version of the harsh wilderness of colonial New England that the early settlers faced, the biggest difference being that in this case the magic and witchcraft is real and not just the product of ignorant fanatical religious fundamentalism. The look of the game is right on the line between morbid and cutesy. The developer has stated his stylistic influences specifically include artists such as Herman Melville, H.P. Lovecraft, Tim Burton, and Edgar Allan Poe. Rest of story at

  • Rob Zombie Filming “Lords of Salem” in Salem MA, First Image Released!

    He goes on to clear up the plot a bit, “There were twenty people that everyone knows about - obviously all innocent - executed as witches in Salem,” explains Rob. “The basic premise of the film is that there were a further four who actually were witches, who were killed secretly, and vowed one day to return to wreak havoc on Salem’s descendants. That’s when the movie jumps ahead to the present day and things start to go wrong…” ” More at:

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