i love good movies and cool TV Shows.
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  • Zombie Hunter Review

    This movie was so bad that at some point it stopped being bad and it became funny. The stupid scenarios with the blank dialogs performed by horrible actors and the senseless purple blood scenes became a mix of pure stupidity.

  • The Blacklist Pilot Review

    This NBC show is shot well with an intriguing story line that always keeps something back to surprise the viewers and make them tune in for more. The plot is relatively believable. Sure there are flaws that need to be ignored in order to enjoy the show completely but the problems are not massive that cannot be overlooked. The leading cast has a believable acting performance.

  • Ray Donovan Season 1 Review

    I will admit that I was waiting for a show like ray Donovan for years, I just didn’t know it. Ever since The Shield ended I didn’t have a real hero (actually he is more of an Anti-hero) with massive hellish characteristics like Ray Donovan.

  • Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 Review

    Everything that got to do with Kung Lau and Liu Kang seem to be getting a lot of screen time too much screen time in my opinion. The problem with their scenes were that they focused a lot on the melodramatic events that had to do with Liu Kang and what pushed him to switch sides in the end.

  • Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D Pilot Review

    Everyone who eagerly expected this TV adaptation imagined it to be flashy and somehow entertaining just like the Marvel Universe movies but in reality it lacked the appropriate flair and the appeal to keep viewers tuned in

  • Dexter Season 8 Review

    8 Season’s finale was strange and very disappointing, people expected Dexter to go out in a boom, when in reality everything ended …

  • R.I.P.D Review

    R.I.P.D trailer was pretty cool, that is the main reason I got the movie in the first place

  • The Purge Review

    The Purge managed to take all the violence that exists in our world today remove all restraints for one day only

  • Kick Ass 2 Review

    I had very high expectations from kick ass 2. I remember seeing the first kick ass movie in 2010 and it was the coolest thing i saw that year.

  • Now You See Me Review

    During a generic trailer search I stumbled upon Now You See Me trailer, it caught my eye immediately and I added the movie to my need to watch list of film. The presentation of the four horsemen in the beginning was pretty cool. Each members exposition drawn a draft picture of his / hers strengths and weaknesses and prepared the audience for the magic rollercoaster…

  • Snitch Review

    I’m not somebody that likes watching dramas because most of the time they bore me to death, at times Snitch had the same affect on me

  • A Good Day To Die Hard 2013 Review

    The beginning of this Die Hard installment felt a bit weird. The exposition was very fast but in the same time very vague and somehow empty of content. Everything that got to do with the smaller issues of the main plot was difficult to grasp.

  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Review

    I thank god that Hansel and Gretel was not rated as pg because that would practically kill that movie for me like it happened with my previous viewing experiences of fairy tales movie adaptations.

  • Oblivion Review

    Initially I was very excited to see Oblivion but after the first half an hour into the movie my hopes suffered a slow and painful blow…

  • True Blood Season 6 Review

    HBO’s True Blood season 6 started with a strong bang it was one of the most eventful openers I have seen. The first episode of this 6th season was too eventful…

  • Continuum Season 2 Review: Artificial Cheesiness At Its Worst

    Season’s 2 final (Episode 13) was one of the weakest finales I have seen in recent years. They tried to connect all the pieces and clues together but failed in making a decent connection, there were too many pieces and no time to do the connecting. The outcome of it all looked poor. It felt like they took the John Connor angle from …

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