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6 Reasons Why There Ain't Nobody Like A Desi Girl

What do you think of when you think of a South Asian woman? Rape in India? Miss America? The Mindy Project? There is much out there that you may know about, but here are 6 things you may not.

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Mindy Kaling, (top) Indian American head writer, producer, star, and creator of The Mindy Project, and M.I.A. (bottom), British Sri Lankan rapper and activist are among the many successful South Asian women in contemporary media.

What's not to love? These women step it up and shift social and cultural norms to fit them, instead of trying hard to fit in.

You heard it right! We are awesome sauce!

2. Six yards of fabric and no directions? We got this!

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Many of us grow up with little or no guidance on important life issues like our bodies, sex, relationships, how to take care of our bodies, or even how to put on a sari.

So how do we fill the gap? By striking our own path, and supporting our community as we go? Yes!!

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Nina Davuluri (top), the first Indian-American Miss America, and Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World and now the first ever Indian Guess model, have both been targets of racist attacks for being who they are and daring to shine.

After being called “Arab terrorists” and being told they don't belong in America, both women brushed aside these remarks with poise and strength, choosing instead to focus on continuing to achieve and move forward in their lives.

But that doesn't mean responding to racism is easy! So, what do we do?

We elevate our voices and build a more just and inclusive society in the United States! Check out South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) the leading organization for advocacy for South Asians.


4. We are all kinds of women.

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Fayaaz, also known as Bijli (above), is a trans person who lives her/his life as her/his full self, in a world that does not accept the complexity of her/his identity.

You might know the term transgender, but do you know the term "cisgender"? It refers to an individual whose experience of their own gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth. Cisgender is most commonly understood as heterosexual. But that's right, there IS a more appropriate word for that.

Watch Bijli's entire story here!

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You've heard of Malala! The young Pakistani school girl and education activist who is the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. We step up and speak up!

But there are many more you haven't heard of. Some famous like Vidya Balan, a Bollywood actress and self-defined “humanist,” using her clout to bring attention to women’s empowerment issues, and others not so famous who make the world a better place by being their most amazing self. See who they are at #InspiringSakhi!

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NO, not all South Asian women dance or love to.

BUT, dance, film, music and visual arts are among the many non-traditional career paths South Asian women and girls choose and succeed in.

Did you know that there is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement, visibility, and development of emerging and established South Asian women artists and creative professionals?

The South Asian Women's Creative Collective! If you're an artist, aspiring or established, you need to check this out.

7. Wait...didn't you say six?

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Yes. This is not really 7. We added a point just in case you were wondering who WE are!

Sakhi for South Asian Women is an organization devoted to doing work on gender based violence in NYC. As a part of our mission, we support South Asian women and girls, and work to change attitudes and behaviors towards women and girls...if you couldn't already tell!

Check us out!

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