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    16 Products Under ₹500 That Will Always Come In Handy

    If you're trying your hand at adulting, you need all of these.

    1. This compact 10,400mAH power bank that'll ensure you never run out of charge ever again – ₹499

    2. These powerful Mi earphones that take the phrase "value for money" to the next level – ₹399

    3. This pack of cotton pads that are useful for everything from removing makeup to first aid purposes – ₹209

    4. This pack of four cable protectors that'll save all your wires from premature fraying – ₹175

    5. These no-tie silicone shoelaces that are hella convenient and will cut valuable time from your daily routine – ₹299

    6. This pop-up ice tray with a lid to ensure that there's no spillage between the sink and the freezer – ₹179

    7. This pack of 18 bag sealing clips that helps you avoid any wasted food in your house – ₹145

    8. This shoe renovator that makes your old sneakers look brand new in a matter of minutes – ₹399

    9. This set of six shoe bags so that you can conveniently carry your footwear anywhere – ₹199

    10. This 6-in-1 gadget-cleaning kit that'll tidy up all your electronics from laptops to phones – ₹249

    11. This set of 180 biodegradable garbage bags for all the trash in your life - ₹499

    12. These adjustable, rechargeable mini lights that come in sets of four - ₹165

    13. This 2-pack of Dettol handwash to keep the germs away indefinitely - ₹238

    14. This 6-piece set of PET fridge bottles that'll give your kitchen that "adult" look - ₹238

    15. 12 reusable cable ties so that you never encounter a torn or tangled cable ever again - ₹199

    16. And this pack of 10 cable organisers to keep your desks clutter free – ₹339