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    Posted on 20 Jun 2017

    8 India-Pakistan Champions Trophy Moments That TV News Should Be Inspired By Rather Than Arnab

    Make love, not war.

    Even though TV news has been deteriorating for the past few years, things have gotten particularly aggressive and loud recently.

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    The person in the picture may or may not be 100% responsible for this.

    Things have been particularly bad this month, with channels like Zee News trying to incite rage in their viewers about India playing Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy.

    Zee News, Zee Hindustan, WION, DNA and all other news channels from Zee Media will not be covering any news about India Pak match

    Many outlets had called for the team to boycott their matches against Pakistan, due to continuing geopolitical tensions at the Kashmir border.

    Things got particularly bad yesterday, after Times Now decided to harass the team about why they didn't pay tribute to the Indian army at the tournament.

    Twitter: @TimesNow

    The players had just returned from England, after a hard-fought loss against Pakistan in the final.

    1. While the media has been frothing at the mouth trying to push us into all-out war with our neighbours, the two countries' players and fans have painted a completely different picture.

    2. It started in India's first game against Pakistan, as spectators from both countries enjoyed the match in total harmony, much to the disappointment of Zee News and co.

    While the light has improved, and the rain has stopped, this pic <3

    3. A few days later, Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was trolled for his poor English at a press con, and Indians came out in the thousands to defend him online.

    4. Before the final, former captain M.S. Dhoni hung out with Ahmed's family off the field, even as the two teams prepared for battle on it.

    A nice pic ahead of the Champions Trophy finals. @msdhoni with Sarfraz Ahmed baby: sports beyond boundaries!!…

    5. And though their team lost, posts from Indians expressing their admiration for the Pakistani team have been shared thousands of times over the past few days.

    This one post post alone, for example, has over 9,000 shares in a day.

    6. It's not just Indians, though. Pakistanis have been sending their love and respect from across the border too.

    7. And the players have led this sentiment from the front.

    8. If there's one thing this tournament has shown us, it's that hate is not an emotion anyone should peddle on purpose, because people are better than that.

    Thanks to these legends for sparing their time for my kids they were so happy.... @msdhoni @imVkohli @YUVSTRONG12

    Here's hoping TV news can get better too.