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    11 Of Bollywood's Most Awful Main Characters

    We were supposed to cheer for them, but should we really?

    1. ACP Jai Dixit from the Dhoom franchise


    Why he's the worst:

    • Talks down to his partner constantly, even though Ali's saved his ass multiple times.

    • Leaves his wife to go to exotic foreign locales for months to "catch criminals".

    • Has actually caught a grand total of ZERO criminals from these cases.

    • Literally every other character in his three films is more interesting than him.

    Verdict: Possibly the most incompetent cop to get his own franchise after the Pink Panther guy.

    2. Bhuvan from Lagaan

    Aamir Khan Productions

    Why he's the worst:

    • Puts entire village on the line for a bet... WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

    • Ditches his childhood sweetheart to go hang with a white woman.

    • Decides – on his own – that he's going to open the batting, like a typical gully cricket bully.

    Verdict: A total egomaniac who could've ruined the lives of his fellow villagers and their kids, if not for a lucky no ball at the end.

    3. Taani from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi


    Why she's the worst:

    • Entire film hinges on the premise that she's so dumb, she can't recognise her husband without his moustache. Like, bro...

    • She's so dumb, she almost cheats on her husband... with himself!

    • She's so dumb, she actually prefers the douche version of her husband to the loving, sweet one.

    Verdict: She dumb.

    4. Meghna from Fashion

    UTV Motion Pictures

    Why she's the worst:

    • Grade-A narcissist who's horrible to those looking out for her.

    • Has affairs with married men and is a total home-wrecker.

    • Is fine after becoming an alcoholic, getting addicted to drugs, and driving everyone in her life away... but decides that she's hit rock bottom after sleeping with an African man.

    Verdict: An unsympathetic racist who deserves no redemption.

    5. Badrinath from Badrinath Ki Dulhania

    Dharma Productions

    Why he's the worst:

    • Embodiment of whiny manchild.

    • Relentlessly stalks a woman who tells him she's not interested multiple times.

    • Tracks her down in a different country to "teach her a lesson" for ditching him.

    • Kidnaps and stuffs her in the trunk of his car.

    Verdict: Should've been arrested, deported, and locked away halfway into the film.

    6. Gautam from Cocktail

    Illuminati Films

    Why he's the worst:

    • Relentless flirt who treats women as conquests.

    • Cheats on girlfriend with her roommate.

    • Almost breaks up two BFFs because he couldn't keep it in his pants.

    • Basically dumps girlfriend because she's not sanskaari enough, after initially dating her because she was "fun" and not sanskaari.

    Verdict: How this man got two perfectly amazing women to fall for him is anybody's guess.

    7. Tina from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

    Dharma Productions

    Why she's the worst:

    • Struts into college mid-semester just because she's the principal's daughter.

    • Knows Rahul and Anjali are soulmates, but still goes ahead and snogs him.

    • Doesn't do anything to get them back together till she's on her deathbed.

    • Puts smol eight-year-old in charge of hooking her father up with some woman she has no way of getting in touch with. Like, WTF?

    Verdict: Selfish woman who got hers, and then piled everything on her tiny daughter from the afterlife.

    8. Kiara and Akash from Anjaana Anjaani

    Eros Entertainment

    Why they're the worst:

    • Entitled babies who trivialise suicide.

    • Like, literally the entire film is them joking and bonding about committing suicide.

    • After all that suicide talk, it takes them two minutes during the climax to get over the "problems" that drive them to attempting suicide in the first place.

    Verdict: Two awful people who deserve each other, but definitely not an audience.

    9. Rancho from 3 Idiots

    Reliance BIG Pictures

    Why he's the worst:

    • Involved in identity fraud.

    • Laughs at rape jokes.

    • Friend attempts suicide as a direct result of his antics.

    • Leaves girlfriend and BFFs forever without telling them where he's going or why.

    • Calls himself "Rancho".

    Verdict: This is not an inspiring character, people.

    10. Munna from Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

    Vinod Chopra Productions

    Why he's the worst:

    • Lies to dad about being a doctor.

    • Tries to make amends about lying... by lying more to get into medical college.

    • Robs a much more deserving student of a seat.

    • Potentially puts hundreds of patients' lives in danger.

    • Constantly gets his friends into trouble .

    Verdict: No jaadu ki jhappi for this guy.

    11. Raj from Mohabbatein

    Yash Raj Films

    Why he's the worst:

    • Is supposed to be a music teacher, but doesn't teach his students even one instrument.

    • Constantly pushes them into doing things that he knows will get them expelled.

    • His entire motivation in life is to break his late girlfriend's dad, and make him feel that her suicide was his fault. His daughter died, bro. Have some compassion.

    Verdict: Would probably not be on this list, but that sweater-over-the-shoulders thing is such a douche look that it pushed him over the edge.

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