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The National Anthem Scene In "Dangal" Has Evoked Mixed Responses From Viewers

To stand or not to stand, that is the question.

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Earlier this month, the Supreme Court had made it mandatory for the national anthem to be played before all movies, and for everyone present to rise for it.

Dibyangshu Sarkar / AFP / Getty Images

The decision was far from popular, as many felt that movie halls aren't appropriate venues for a show of patriotism and that it shouldn't be forced upon anyone.


It should be noted that despite the inclusion of such a patriotic scene, the hashtag #BoycottDangal still trended on Twitter thanks to Khan's remarks about intolerance last year.

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Khan had stated that he and his wife had thought about moving out of India due to the growing atmosphere of intolerance in the country. The comment stirred a lot of outrage amongst right-wing conservatives.