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    The Pakistani Captain Was Trolled For Poor English, But Indians Had The Most Heartwarming Response

    Some things are bigger than the game.

    For years, Pakistani cricketers have been made fun of for their poor English speaking skills. "Funny" compilations of their post-match interviews are a genre unto their own on YouTube.

    Well, earlier this week, their captain Sarfaraz Ahmed played a match-winning innings to guide them to the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy.

    Michael Steele / Getty Images

    However, he went viral for all the wrong reasons, after he inquired whether there were only English-speaking reporters at the post-match press conference, and the clip leaked online.

    One of the many places the video took off was the massive Facebook page Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes, which mocked him for not being comfortable with interacting just in English.

    "Pakistani players always lack that confidence to speak. Now, captain Sarfraz Ahmad has given us one more chance to make fun of their language inefficiency," their post read.

    Now, when it comes to cricket, Indians are the last set of fans people you'd expect to come to the defence of the Pakistani team.

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    Geopolitics aside, the trash talk between the two sides during sports events is on another level.

    However, this sort of trolling was something even they weren't cool with, and they made their disapproval known in the comments.

    Hordes of Indian fans descended to show their support for Ahmed, stating that his English skills were no reason to mock him.

    And they all agreed that even if we diss the Pakistani team while they're playing us on the field, there's no need to carry it forward to things that don't involve cricket.

    The response from the Indians has been appreciated across the border, with a number of Pakistani fans praising them for standing up against the unnecessary trolling.

    An Indian Page tried to Troll Sarfaraz for his English but the way Indians responded to this in Comment Section ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    @iPakistaniLAD Good to see humanity is still alive...

    Well played, guys.