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    Netflix Hilariously Clapped Back At Haters Going After Aditi Mittal's Standup Special

    And that's how you do it.

    This year saw a huge boost for Indian standup comedy, with Amazon announcing a groundbreaking deal to host specials with 14 comedians from around the country.

    However, the announcement also attracted a fair amount of criticism because not one of the 14 comedians was a woman.

    The past few months have seen a marked rise in conversations around sexism in the Indian standup circuit, including in a viral Anupama Chopra interview with some of India's most successful comedians.

    Well, earlier today, Netflix announced that they're going to release Aditi Mittal's special, Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say, on their platform on July 18.

    That's right! @awryaditi is coming soon to Netflix with "Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say".

    And it's a decision that's earned them a lot of applause for going where Amazon chose not to.

    Netflix has confirmed that it's doing a stand-up special with Aditi Mittal. Comedy gender scorecard: Netflix India: 1:1 Amazon: 14:0

    Aaannnddd Netflix has managed to do what Amazon couldn't, for whatever reasons. Congrats, @awryaditi.

    But some people questioned their timing, and whether they were just trying to cash in on the hate their competitors have been getting.

    To their credit, Netflix has decided to stand firmly behind Mittal, and has quietly been shutting down all talk of tokenism.

    They've clapped back hilariously at haters...

    And, just for good measure, they reiterated that they were feminist.