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Ranveer Singh's Wax Statue Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

"Worst birthday gift ever."

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Capturing Ranveer Singh's essence is not a job that many people will be envious of. The dude's live wire personality is hard to pin down in a single photo, video or, indeed, a wax statue.

So when France's Grévin wax museum offered to immortalise him while he was promoting Befikre in Paris last year, expectations were understandably low.

Guess who's being measured for a wax statue ❤️

Seven months later, they finally unveiled Singh's statue on his birthday yesterday. And, well...




Now, wax statues never actually resemble the celebrity 100%. That's a given.

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But this abomination might've been a bit much for even the least discerning fan.

What have they done to his face?! He looks like a hybrid between Sriram Nene and Ray Romano!

FYI, Singh didn't attend the unveiling ceremony, and it's not hard to see why.