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    17 Products That'll Let You Give Your Feet The Rest And Relaxation They Deserve

    Your legs support you all day, it's time to give them some TLC back.

    1. A tiny spiked ball that'll treat your feet to a much-needed massage. Just roll it underneath your feet to loosen and soothe your sore muscles - ₹395

    2. A pack of three cushioned socks that'll protect your feet while you're running or working out - ₹299

    3. An exfoliating foot mask that'll peel off dead skin in a gross, but very satisfying way. Your tootsies will look good as new after this rejuvenating foot treatment - ₹606

    4. A pair of simple, but sporty Puma running shoes that you can wear for any occasion - ₹1,649

    5. A pack of six no-show ankle socks that'll look good with all of your low-cut sneakers - ₹249

    6. This highly-rated lemon foot cream that'll work just as hard as you do. It's made of natural ingredients that'll help heal and repair dry, cracked skin - ₹389

    7. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorisers to extend the years of wear by keeping your shoes smelling fresh - ₹272

    8. A stick of anti-chafe balm that'll save you from painful blisters and chafing - ₹349

    9. A pair of compression foot sleeves to give your ankles and arches the support they deserve - ₹799

    10. A foot spray that'll revive your tired feet with a blast of refreshing peppermint essential oils. Just spritz on this foot spray for a dose of minty-freshness whenever you need it - ₹795

    11. And this set of two foot sprays that'll disinfect and deodorise your feet to keep them smelling fresh all day - ₹475

    12. This pair of bestselling insoles that'll make any pair of shoes as comfortable as your favourite slippers - ₹399

    13. Two pairs of anti-slip socks that provide enough grip for any indoor activity from dancing to working out - ₹399

    14. This ergonomic footrest pillow that you can stick under your work desk or on your couch to stay comfortable all day long - ₹1,295

    15. This amazing foot massager that is real value-for-money considering how much you'll be using it - ₹4,399

    16. This set of foot filing tools that'll gently remove dead skin and calluses from your feet - ₹324

    17. And finally, this pack of five Marvel superhero socks, one for each day of the work week - ₹895