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    13 Products Under ₹1,000 That Every Dude (And Everyone Else) Needs To Check Out

    There's no care like self-care.

    1. This skin-friendly trimmer which provides 45 minutes of cordless use on every charge - ₹900

    2. This 2-piece superhero towel set, because literally everyone wants to run out the shower screaming "I'M BATMAAAAN" at some point - ₹599

    3. This 6-button gaming mouse which looks like more science went into it than all of your Call Of Duty tactics - ₹957

    4. Every dude needs at least one secret pocket in their wallet, and this plush tan pleather wallet has TWO of those - ₹325

    5. This compact and durable sling bag with multiple compartments for you to carry your electronics on-the-go - ₹422

    6. This all-black, full sleeve hoodie with a comfortable fit, because everyone knows that basic is best - ₹699

    7. This incredible "beer" shampoo, which not only works best on dry hair, but also, BEER, MY DUDES - ₹117

    8. This beard wash with anti-dandruff ingredients and moisturisers, because beard = (and sometimes >) bae - ₹140

    9. And for my brothers out there struggling to get their beard on, try this facial hair growth roll on - ₹235

    10. This smart AF (but affordable AF) pair of brown formal shoes for everyone out there to level up their suit game - ₹649

    11. This affordable pair of slick clubmasters which will make everyone go, "damn, that guy got some slick clubmasters" - ₹418

    12. This polyester Puma duffle bag for all your gymming or sporting needs, or, you know, if you just like duffle bags - ₹747

    13. And this wire bin which holds all your wires with easy access available, because everyone knows wires are bullshit - ₹517