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18 Reactions That Perfectly Capture Why Captain M.S. Dhoni Will Be Irreplaceable

"And Dhoni... finishes off in style."

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After almost a decade at the job, Mahendra Singh Dhoni just announced that he was stepping down as the captain of the Indian T20 and one-day international cricket teams.

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He will still be available to play and isn't retiring just yet.

The 35-year-old is India's most successful captain, and remains the only player in cricket history to lead his team to victory in the ODI World Cup, the T20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy.

The void left by him will be hard to fill, as the countless tributes already pouring in have made clear:


This is not breaking... this is heart breaking! :( #MSDStepsDown



There is no one like you. You're the reason for millions of smiles. Take a bow my Captain.🙏 @msdhoni #dhoni


World T20, World Cup, Champions Trophy, Test No 1, IPL titles, Champions League titles. Everything in the game. #Dhoni



And MS Dhoni Finishes off in style. A magnificent career in cricket history. Its the Indian captain who has been magnificent forever #Dhoni



As a tribute, they should replace "Keep Calm" in all the Keep Calm posters with "MS Dhoni".


Most T20I wins as Captain: Dhoni 2nd Most ODI wins as Captain: Dhoni Sums up the legacy of this man's leadership he left nothing to achieve


#Dhoni resigns from captaincy ! *screams Naheeen *breaks bangles *wipes sindoor off forehead *blows off diya *changes into white saree


Somebody please tell me this is just a bad dream ! Please !😶 #Dhoni !!!😨 He was, he is & he will ...,be always my #Captain 💯 #MSDhoni 💙7️⃣



Still the best keeper-batsman any team can have, not just India. #Dhoni


From “giving last over to Joginder Sharma” to “stepping down as a captain”, Dhoni never failed to surprise us. #LoveYouDhoni


I am quite sad to see Dhoni quit as ODI and T20I captain, but I swear his timing is just perfect. He knows this is Kohli's era.


He came when he felt right.. he went when he felt right.. no one asked him no can ever ask him ever.. thank you Dhoni..



End of the most memorable era in Indian cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni steps down as captain of Indian cricket team. Mahi, you are a champ!


2007 T20 WC 2011 WC 2013 Champions Trophy MS DHONI is not just a name, it's a brand! #CaptainCool


Can't imagine team India without M S Dhoni's captaincy... The man behind World Cup 2011, ICC Champions Trophy and ICC World T20 😔


That's #Dhoni for you!! Always making way for the new talent.. Always playing for the country and not for himself.. Proud MSD supporter💓😘


If Indian cricket captains are ranked, the ranking will be 1.Mahendra Singh Dhoni 2. M S Dhoni 3. Dhoni 4. Mahi 5.Thala #ThankYouDhoni