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Indian Women From Around The World Are Sharing Selfies To Celebrate Their Gorgeous Nose Pins

"My dearest accessory."

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Over the years, the internet has given birth to some amazing trends, like the time plus-size women shared selfies to promote body positivity.

Photographer: Velvet d'Amour / Via Twitter: @CallieThorpe

Then again, there was also the time people started selfies of them pooping because... well, because the internet.

Well, this past weekend, New Delhi resident Tanzila Anis kicked off a new trend, encouraging people to celebrate the plethora of unique and beautiful nose pins seen around India.

People, post your amazing nose studs and rings under the hashtag #NosepinTwitter from now please. Issued in public interest. Please RT.

Using the hashtag #NosepinTwitter, Anis shared selfies of her extensive collection.

From my archives #NosepinTwitter

Getting my nose pierced is one of the very few entries on my really short "Best Decisions of my Life" list.…

It wasn't long before other women jumped on the trend and joined in with selfies of their own.

And before you knew it, the hashtag was trending all over India, with over 5,000 tweets under it.

Is it obvious yet... that the #NosePinTwitter has got me thrilled ❤️ easily the dearest accessory:)

It wasn't just selfies, though. People used the hashtag to share beautiful photos of their mothers wearing nose pins in years past.

I'd never be able to pull a nose ring off so posting my mom's picture when she was as old as I am rn #NosePinTwitter

Some used it to share stories of how they fell in love.

The nosepin that made me swipe right and changed my life. #NosePinTwitter

Even celebrities like Chitrangda Singh joined in to share her love for this unique accessory.

❤️ing thiss trend .. My contribution to #NosePinTwitter #beautiful #indianjewellery celebrate the feminine 😌

It wasn't just women, though. Men from all around got in on the trend too.

Of course, there were jokes. Because what hashtag is ever complete without those.

But mostly, for a few lovely hours, Twitter was reminded that the world isn't just full of hate and that there is a lot of purity to share and celebrate.

You can follow the hashtag here.

OMG WE DOING THIS? I lost my real one but here’s my submission to #NosePinTwitter