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Go Home, Trolls – Priyanka Chopra Perfectly Shut Down All Attacks About Her Legs Disrespecting Modi

"Legs for days."

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Being one of the world's most visible celebrities, Priyanka Chopra is no stranger to facing her share of scrutiny at times.

And more often than not, she responds to all of it in the most hilarious and badass ways possible.

Heres another "pit-stopping" picture to add to the debate. #WillTheRealArmpitPleaseStandUp #nofilter #armpitdiaries

Yesterday, Chopra happened to meet PM Narendra Modi in Germany, after the two took some time off their schedules to chit chat.

However, times being as ridiculous as they are, fans of the PM started attacking her for dressing "disrespectfully" around him.

From showing her legs to just daring to cross them, Chopra got hate for a whole kaleidoscope of unwarranted reasons.

Earlier today, however, Chopra demonstrated just how many fucks she gave about her legs being shamed, by Instagramming this photo with her mom.

And just to make her point clear to the thousands of clearly jobless people, she even tweeted the photo, captioning it "Legs for days.... #itsthegenes".

Legs for days.... #itsthegenes with madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin #beingbaywatch

So, dear trolls, the next time you find a reason to go after Chopra (or anyone), just... don't.

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