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12 Things You Oughta Know About The New CBFC Chairman Prasoon Joshi

A welcome change, albeit with a pinch of salt.

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On August 11, Pahlaj Nihalani was removed as the chairman of the Central Bureau of Film Certification (CBFC) after a tumultuous 2-year reign, and replaced by Prasoon Joshi.

However, there are some who have been cautious in their celebrations for now. Here are some facts you should know about the new CBFC chief:

1. Joshi has one of the most enviable resumes in Indian advertising, and currently heads the Asia Pacific division of McCann Erickson.

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He was also formerly the executive creative director of Ogilvy & Mather in Mumbai.


4. More relevant to his new job, Joshi has also proven his credentials in Bollywood. As a lyricist and scriptwriter, he has won numerous awards over the past two decades.

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His most notable work came in 2008 when he penned "Maa" from Taare Zameen Par, winning a National Award for best lyrics.

5. However, not unlike Nihalani, Joshi also has ties to the BJP government. He was one of the brains behind their ubiquitous 2014 election campaign, which is a case study in management courses across India now.


9. On a Jaipur Literature Festival panel in 2015, Joshi said that one of these occasions is when people's sentiments could be hurt.

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A dangerous line of thought that has been used by Nihalani to censor movies dozens of times over the past couple of years.


11. Joshi has also generally been much more progressive than Nihalani on other issues, and has stood up for women's empowerment on a number of occasions.

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After the performance of India's female athletes at the 2016 Olympics, he wrote and performed this poem in which he basically told people who've ever regretted the birth of a girl child to be ashamed of themselves.

12. However, in 2016, Joshi courted some controversy after he compared Sunny Leone's adult film career to drug dealing.

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His comments came after Leone's infamous interview in which a CNN-IBN talk show host was accused of being disrespectful towards her.

TL;DR – Joshi seems to be more progressive than his predecessor but there are still lots of red flags. But despite the possibility of him turning out to be a moral policer and a puppet of the centre, everyone is still hopeful.