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10 Things That Happened When Narendra Modi Met Donald Trump And You Were Fast Asleep

Jab Modi met Trump.

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In case you slept through it – and you probably did – two of the world's most powerful leaders, Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, hung out at the White House earlier today.

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The meeting is part of Modi's three-nation tour of Portugal, USA, and the Netherlands.

1. This was the first time the two were meeting, but you wouldn't know it looking at how instantly they connected.

Welcome to the @WhiteHouse Prime Minister Modi!


3. Modi also presented Trump a postal stamp that was issued by India in 1965 to commemorate the death centenary of Abraham Lincoln.

PM presented @POTUS a folio containing an original commemorative postal stamp that had been issued by India in 1965.

4. After a brief one-on-one meeting, the duo headed to the Cabinet Room for delegation level talks, during which Trump thanked Modi with a humblebrag.

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Trump was referring to the recent deal between Tata and Lockheed Martin to produce F-16 fighter jets in India.

5. The duo then addressed the media, at which point Trump decided to double down on the humblebragging.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

Trump also reiterated that "India has a true friend in the White House".


A move that many hailed as a tactical masterstroke, considering Trump's penchant for making handshakes very awkward.

@TomNamako He just trumped Trump. Awesome.

Sahil Rizwan is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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