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AIB Asked The Internet To Meme The Hell Out Of Irrfan Khan, And Boy Did They Deliver

Irrfan really can do anything.

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Back in 2015, All India Bakchod got Irrfan Khan to parody every Bollywood party song in a ginormously viral video.

Now, nearly two years later, Khan has collaborated with them again to release "Dank Irrfan", a series of the internet's most popular memes recreated by him.

All India Bakchod

From Drake to Gormint Aunty, AIB went all out to accurately update every meme by putting Irrfan in it.

All India Bakchod

And then they asked their followers to use the templates to make their own Irrfan memes.

Here, take these templates and meme away! (1/2)

Lemme tell you right now, folks, the internet didn't disappoint.

AIB got the ball rolling with their own basic macros.

But then their fans stepped up...

And totally hit it out of the park.

Some people went meta.

Some didn't use the memes as they were originally intended.

While some just decided to roast the creators involved.

Basically, don't be surprised if your timeline is taken over by Irrfan for the next few days.

Watch the hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of the memes being recreated here:

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