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    13 Things For Anyone Who Needs To Keep Their Hands Busy

    Hands: occupied Problems: solved

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    1. This interactive finger monkey toy will distract your hands and your brain from stressful thoughts with its cuteness - ₹584

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    2. Channel your stress towards these creepy but super helpful stress balls - ₹59

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    3. Keep this squishy cats at your desk for whenever you need it - ₹169

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    4. Live the Instagram life with some relaxing times smashing kinetic sand - ₹566

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    5. Punch your anxieties away with this punching bag for your desk - ₹1,499

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    6. This infinity cube that you can fidget with for hours - ₹399

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    7. This classic fidget cube that'll never get boring - ₹114

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    8. This Newton's Cradle desk pendulum that's perfect for both office and home - ₹529

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    9. This group of strongly magnetised balls that you can push and manipulate into different shapes - ₹1,100

    Get a pack of 216 balls here.

    10. This pea pod that reveals little pea pals when you squeeze them out - ₹180

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    11. This tin of glow-in-the-dark putty that you can mash for hours on end - ₹1,337

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    12. This multi-faceted fidget toy that'll keep anyone occupied for hours - ₹299

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    13. And this squishy net ball that you can take all your frustrations out on any time you need - ₹154

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