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    Ekta Kapoor Is Having The Most Embarrassing And One-Sided Fight With PewDiePie On Twitter

    "Let Ekta Kapoor and PewDiePie fight it out and finish each other. The world and media and content would be a better place."

    Whether you want to admit it or not, Ekta Kapoor has played an undeniably instrumental part in shaping desi pop culture over the past couple of decades.

    Balaji Telefilms

    What is also undeniable, however, is the fact that a lot of people blame her for single-handedly ruining Indian television with her brand of melodramatic, and fairly regressive, soap operas.

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    Speaking of "popular but problematic", meet the other protagonist of our story – PewDiePie. This viral YouTuber has become notorious for his irreverent, controversial, and not-so-PC takes on everything from video games to foreign movies.


    The creator has faced enormous backlash in the past for using racial slurs in his videos, amongst other things.

    It might not seem that their two worlds would ever collide. However, last week, PewDiePie tweeted this screenshot from a YouTube video of Kasamh Se, one of Kapoor's more popular shows.

    Turns out, he was doing research for a video that he dropped on May 11, in which he watches and makes fun of a wide range of Indian soaps, most of them from Kapoor's production house.

    The video soon made it back to Kapoor herself, who dismissed PewDiePie by calling him a nobody and making fun of his looks.

    And that, folks, is when shit went sideways for Kapoor. Instead of taking her side, Indians started calling her out for picking something as shallow as his appearance to make fun of, and the inherent classism in looking down upon junior artists.

    ekta kapoor could’ve said so many things but took a cheap shot on how he looked. ugh

    The backlash was swift and sudden, with people also pointing out that PewDiePie was far from the nobody Kapoor assumed he was.

    Ekta Kapoor is out there being an embarassment. Plus, the tweet was racist ... ugh this woman! You should be thanking Felix for giving you a bit of relavance lmao

    The angry tweets kept coming over this past weekend, and it was only earlier today that Kapoor responded... by saying that she wouldn't apologise to anyone.

    Twitter: @ektaravikapoor

    Dat "Peudy something" despite him having 62 million subscribers, tho.

    She defended her controversial tweet and tried to get her countrymen on her side by implying that PewDiePie hated everything Indian.

    In a final desperate attempt, she also invoked Rajinikanth to get Indians to flip and defend her.

    Unfortunately for her, as undeniably dubious as PewDiePie's brand was and continues to be, it would seem that people don't think too highly of her either.

    Imagine repping Ekta Kapoor on this forum. Woman literally destroyed Indian soap opera scene and made it a laughing stock.

    And the consensus pretty much seems to be that the world would be a better place if we just let them be and take each other out.

    Every time you think it can't get worse, it gets way worse. For example Ekta Kapoor Vs PewDiePie, two individuals who represent the absolute worst in broadcast entertainment in the history of the world,seriously no exaggeration. Two trash piles combined to make 1 giant trash pile

    Let Ekta Kapoor and Pewdiepie or whatever he is called fight it out and finish each other. The world and media and content would be a better place. Gauranteed.

    It should be noted that, while Kapoor's one-sided flame war rages on, PewDiePie is yet to respond to any of it.

    i say let ekta kapoor and pewdiepie get into a massive one-on-one battle that forces them to abandon making any content as they decide who’s the bigger plague on the world of creative content as a whole. netflix can make a 6-part series on it.

    And, in the meantime, everyone else watching this shitshow:


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