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The Ministry Of Finance Tweeted Some Utter Gibberish And People Are Very, Very Confused

"Our very own 'covfefe'"

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Earlier today, CNN News18 tweeted an alert about a person getting arrested in New Delhi for selling firecrackers illegally.

#NewsAlert -- One apprehended in Delhi for selling crackers to people secretly #CrackerFreeDiwali #NoiseFreeDiwali…

If you have any idea what those words mean, good on you. But literally everyone else compared it to Donald Trump's infamous 'covfefe' moment earlier this year.

Back in May, the U.S. President nearly brought the internet to a standstill when he tweeted some words that people are still trying to decipher to this day.


While its meaning may have escaped the majority, no one was gonna let go of a chance to get a few jokes in.

Me: *starts eating* Waiter: How is the food? Me: *still chewing*

While it's probably something as innocent as a butt tweet, you can be sure one intern was in for a very awkward meeting with his boss after this.

Ministry of Finance @FinMinIndia finally breaks its silence on Jay Amit Shah issue

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