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In Yet Another Disrespectful Attack On Single People, Virushka Indulged In Some Gross PDA Last Night

Flaunting your fairytale relationship this close to Valentine's Day? Not cool, yaar!

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Ugh, these two. You might recognise them from all the ass-kickery they do at their respective jobs, or from being India's most annoyingly flawless couple.


Like, how have you not come across even one of their multiple public declarations of love and support over the years? It's all they seem to do – NOT hide their affection for each other.


And even if you haven't, there's just no way you haven't seen their picture-perfect wedding photos. I mean, you literally couldn't open a browser tab without coming across them last December.

But, chalo, dating is one thing. You'd think marriage would throw some cold water over their fairytale romance, though, right?

Instagram: @anushkasharma

Wrong! Horrifically, it seems to have made them want to rub our forever alone faces in their love even more somehow. The disrespect, I tell you.

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Just last month, Virat hit his first century as Mr Anushka Sharma, and celebrated (ON CAMERA) by kissing the wedding ring that he wore around his neck throughout the innings.

We get it. You're in love. Save it for the ad breaks, brother.
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We get it. You're in love. Save it for the ad breaks, brother.

Last night, he hit another century. This time, however, he behaved himself and stuck to primitive grunting. You know...the way it's supposed to be.

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Enter Anushka, who decided it was her turn to cruelly remind us single folk of all that we're missing out on, as she posted constant heart emoji–laden updates throughout her husband's match-winning performance.

They weren't even in the same country!
Instagram: @anushkasharma

They weren't even in the same country!

It's like no one's told them the rules of being in a relationship in India. You don't show your feelings for your significant other out in the open, Virat. You're supposed to hide them, maybe only articulating your emotions in an efficient and acceptable manner on birthdays and anniversaries.

Just watched #NH10 and i am blown away. What a brilliant film and specially an outstanding performance by my love @AnushkaSharma. SO PROUD:)

It's bad enough that you guys acknowledge your relationship at all tbh. Think of the things you're normalising for your impressionable young fans – dating, falling in love, not holding back because of what people might say. Tauba tauba.

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But if you absolutely HAVE to do it, can you tone it down this month at least? It's less than two weeks to Valentine's and you guys are just being mean to single people at this point.


Then again, the world is a pretty shitty place right now, so maybe a little cheesiness isn't the worst thing to put out there.

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(You can ignore most of this post, honestly. I'm just jealous.)