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    19 Products That'll Solve Weirdly Specific Problems For You

    Make life easier, one solution at a time.

    1. A 24-pack of disposable underarm sweat pads you can wear under your clothes to feel fresh throughout the day - ₹235

    2. Vacuum storage bags to organise that out-of-control linen closet... or even your OWN closet. Maybe *everything* brings me joy, Marie Kondo!!! - ₹749

    Large piles of folded clothes next to a much smaller pile inside a vaccuum-sealed bag

    3. A stain repellent spray for your pricier handbags, furniture, and clothes that'll create an invisible protective layer and ward off the evils of water and other stains - ₹500

    A shirt with one half coated in stain repellent spray that is much cleaner than the uncoated half

    4. A disgustingly amazing drain snake for cleaning out every last bit of the built-up grimy hair ball currently occupying your shower pipes. Seriously, your drain will be like, "THANK YOU, FINALLY, I CAN BREATHE." - ₹249

    A drain snake removing hair from a bathroom drain

    5. A clever dip clip that'll guarantee a mess-free snack session and keep your sauces from touching *everything* on the plate. There are just some days when I don't want my syrup leaking onto my eggs, ok?! - ₹229

    A plate of finger foods with a dip bowl clipped on its side

    6. A jar-opening gadget that'll work so well the first time, you'll never have to say, "Well, I loosened it!" ever again - ₹249

    Different jars and bottles being opened using the gadget

    7. A shirt-folding board so you actually put away your laundry when it comes out of the dryer instead of clumping it all in a "clean pile" and procrastinating because no one will see it anyway - ₹599

    8. A body pillow that'll make cuddly sleepers feel right at home even when solo — not to mention, it could help back pain caused by poor sleeping positions - ₹699

    A person on a bed sleeping on their side while hugging the body pillow

    9. A handy hook so all those multiple trips from the store to your kitchen counter can be a thing of the past - ₹278

    A collage of various people carrying multiple bags using the hook

    10. A bedside caddy to keep your phone, remote, and current favorite book all in one place, because no one is going to grab them for you across the room. Why get out of bed and do it yourself when it can be within arm's reach - ₹349

    A bedside caddy attached to a bed with magazines, stationery and other items placed in it

    11. A linen spray to make your bedsheets smell like flowers! *Sniffs, falls back asleep* - ₹199

    12. An orthopaedic back pillow so you can sit up in bed to read or binge watch an entire series on Netflix - ₹2,899

    13. A pack of 100 sound-dampening bumpers to prevent the loud sounds of slamming doors and banging cabinets when you're in the kitchen for a midnight snack while the family is sleeping. Bumping this up to the top of my shopping cart - ₹329

    14. This pack of four cable protectors that'll save all your wires from premature fraying – ₹175

    Different cables fitted with the protectors

    15. A magnetic rack for a low-hassle way to keep your keys by the front door so you don't waste any more of your life searching for them on your way out. Lights, keys, action - ₹224

    The key holder installed on a wall with a set of keys placed on it

    16. A durable honeycomb drawer insert to form a home for your socks, scarves, ties, undies, etc. No more digging for a matching pair or accumulating so many clothes in one drawer you can't open or shut it anymore. Bees had the obvious answer to organization this WHOLE time - ₹249

    A collage of various drawers neatly organised with the honeycomb separators

    17. A pack of cable clips that'll finally organize your desk, car, and bedside table charging stations by keeping cords in their place, because every time you bend down to pick up your charging cord you say to yourself, "there's gotta be a better way!" - ₹359

    A set of cable clips attached to a table with various wires going neatly through them

    18. A mini knife sharpener for reviving the inexpensive knives you've had since forever back to pristine condition. No need to go out and buy a fancier set - ₹501

    A knife being sharpened using the knife sharpening

    19. And a cable sleeve so you can finally manage the tumbleweed of cords taking up space behind your desk or entertainment centre. Out of sight and out of mind, as they say - ₹299

    Before and after images of a bunch of wires jumbled up on their own and neatly organised using the cable sleeve