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    17 Home Products That Just Look Cool And Work Really Well

    Functional things you won't mind looking at around your house.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This eco-friendly mosquito trap is odourless, chemical free, and also works as a night lamp. A must-have for any room - ₹349

    A blue and white mosquito trap shown both on and off

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    2. A skull-shaped ice cube tray will add another level of cool to your homemade cocktails - ₹360

    Four skull-shaped ice cubes inside and outside their black silicone container

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    3. This gemstone bath soap bar that will take your baths to a mystical new dimension - ₹275

    A green gemstone bath soap bar inside and outside its box

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    4. This bluetooth speaker that doubles as a table lamp with multiple colour options - ₹449

    A bluetooth speaker and table lamp device, with different colour options displayed in a collage

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    5. This self-stirring mug does all the work for you before you have your morning cup of coffee - ₹259

    A gray and black mug and base, with the words "Self Stirring Mug" written on it

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    6. This vegetable holder is a must-have in the kitchen to get neat slices and less mess on the counter - ₹299

    A black vegetable holder being used to cut an onion on a wooden board

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    7. This invisible book shelf set is easy to install and will make your books look like they're floating around your room - ₹599

    Black invisible shelfs installed on a blue wall in a room, some with books and some empty

    Size: 15.6 cm x 17 cm x 13 cm.

    Package Contents: 3 Wall Mounted Book Shelves, 6 Screws and 6 Plastic Anchors.

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    8. This moon night lamp comes with a remote and 16 different colour modes that you can adjust depending upon your mood for the night - ₹1,399

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    9. This smart flower pot that is also a bluetooth speaker and a night light, making it a must-have on your desk - ₹999

    A white smart flower pot with a plant and purple night light. A hand holding a smartphone with a music app open. Some features of the smart pot are listed alongside.

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    10. This mirror LED clock that fits in every setting, whether its your workdesk or your bedside - ₹799

    An LED mirror clock on a work desk placed next to a computer

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    11. Or you can decorate your wall with this trippy sconce throws out bright multi-coloured lights, making your room a bit more awesome - ₹910

    A black and white scone installed on a wall with different coloured lights being projected from it

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    12. This set of three tea infuser balls that lets you brew your chai with ease - ₹499

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    13. This set of six natural wooden bark coasters that'll class up any joint - ₹350

    Four wooden bark coasters on an outdoor table. One has a glass with a drink placed on it

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    14. These battery-operated fairy lights will create an ambience that'll make you never wanna leave your room - ₹235

    A collage of the fairy lights in different settings

    Get a 3m string here.

    15. This night lamp that comes with dual USB charging sockets - ₹598

    The night lamp plugged into a wall socket, charging two phones on a table at the same time

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    16. This mini air humidifier and purifier will create an atmosphere of clean and natural air around your room, just like if you were in a park - ₹620

    A brown diffuser on a table, releasing essential oils in the air

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    17. This set of sweet pea jasmine candles in metallic glass holders (3 pieces) to keep your room always looking and smelling fly AF – ₹299

    A set of three metallic glass holders on a table with lit candles inside them

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