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We Tried The Same Outfits On Different Body Types And It Worked Better Than We Thought

"I feel like a Supreme Court justice."

It's rare for the same clothes to come in a big range of sizes. So when Target announced that its new Who/What/Wear clothing line would come in sizes 2–26, the Ladylike women wanted to see what the same outfits actually look like on different body types.

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ALL of the clothes we tried are from Target, and most of them are from the Who/What/Wear collection (with some things coming from Target's Mossimo and Merona lines).

First, we tried a very ~sophisticated adult~ culottes-and-blouse ensemble:

Kristin felt a little overwhelmed by all the fabric.

Safiya's height allowed her to WEEEERK ITTTT.

While Daysha was loving it from the side:

Next, we tried out a cargo vest, jeans, and striped T-shirt outfit:

Candace was feeling the ready-for-anything mom vibe.

Daysha was not a fan of the fit of the waist of the jeans, but overall she was comfy-cozy:

But Freddie felt it made her body a littttle too boxy-looking.

Finally, we put ourselves into some badass biker digs:

Kristin's arms were a bit too short for the motorcycle jacket.

This outfit matched Safiya's entire black-on-black life.

And Candace agreed.

In the end: We didn't feel like all the outfits were perfect for everyone's body, but they definitely worked better than we thought they would.