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We Took A Self-Defense Class And It Got Real

"Self-defense is the thinking woman's dick punch."

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Being attacked is something no one wants to think about but everyone should be prepared for. So the women of Ladylike decided to meet with Nelson Nio of Shield self-defense to learn how to kick some ass.

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We started with the basics: getting loud and angry when someone attacks you.


We learned how to keep ourselves safe while seriously messing up someone's throat.


We learned to protect our thumbs when grabbing any attackers... we could KNEE. THEM. IN THE JUNK.


(No junks were actually harmed in the making of this video. )

And for dealing with attackers from behind, we learned to dick punch with control and terrifying accuracy.


Just remember to keep your core low, your knees bent, and to protect your face.

We practiced on each other:


We got pretty good at this.

By the end, we were learning some more advanced techniques for REALLY causing our would-be attackers serious pain.


We kept having to remember not to accidentally grab Nelson's arm with this move. That's how easy it would have been to break it.

All in all: While it was a little scary to think about being in dangerous situations, our confidence was much higher after learning some moves.