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We Tried "Edible" Cosmetics And There Were Some Surprises

"It's really delicious... and it's stuck to the roof of my mouth."

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Many beauty companies now have products that they say are so safe and natural that you could technically eat them. So the women of Ladylike wanted to see just how tasty these "edible" products actually are:

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To be clear, the makers of these products are NOT saying you should eat this stuff, just that the ingredients are TECHNICALLY natural enough to eat.

But we decided to give the products a taste, anyway.

First, we tried Tastyface Organics coconut vanilla cream cleanser:


Candace and Chantel were intrigued by the Natural Organics Edible Cosmetics White Tea Toner...


... But it tasted more like a sad booze situation.


The Edensong Essentials Goddess Envy Moisturizer had a promising texture but did not deliver on flavor.

Finally, we tried Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche Lipstick, which was a little traumatic for Safiya:


... But it turned out to be pretty good!

Candace even went back for another taste:


All in all, we were pretty sure that "tasty" was not a good way to label most of these products:


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