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RuPaul's New Music Video Is Basically An Ode To Boys Who Twerk

This video will either make you dizzy or get you pregnant. Or both.

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Ru's new music video "Geronimo" features Julian Serrano. You might remember him as the guy who elevated twerking in your kitchen to high art.

The video is pretty simple. Julian twerks like this...

And Ru sings and makes faces like this... It's amazing.

*puts on 3-D goggles*


(I've watched the video at least eight times and can't remember a single lyric.)

RuPaul in triplicate. That's exactly what this video needs.

*starts softly humming the National Anthem*

Ru, you are being upstaged by all this booty clapping.



Dude has his own hydraulic system.

I'm sorry that was rude.

*loses train of thought*

Twerking is literally melting my computer screen right now.

You can watch the music video here:

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