Jet Magazine Covered This Lesbian Wedding In 1970

    Edna Knowles and Peaches Stevens' wedding was profiled in Jet Magazine on October 15, 1970.

    Here's a gem from the Jet Magazine archives: "Two women, Edna Knowles and Peaches Stevens, were wed in Liz's Mark III Loung, a gay bar on Chicago's South Side, before a host of friends and well-wishers." The article, titled "Two Female 'Married" In Chicago — To Each Other" appeared in a 1970 issue of Jet, a popular black magazine based in Chicago.

    The article went on to say, "The Illinois attorney general's office explained to Jet that there is no state statute that either bans or sanctions such marriages. Although the duo has a type of "marriage license" in their possession, the state's official marriage license bureau reported it has no record of their license."

    The fact that Jet covered a lesbian wedding at all is a bit awe-inspiring, but it's important to note the use of quote marks throughout the article around words like "bride" and "groom" and "married."

    (H/T to The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History)