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    Posted on Jun 14, 2013

    4 Of Drag Queen Latrice Royale's Most Amazing Performances

    While we all continue to cope with RuPaul's Drag Race Withdrawal Syndrome, let us pay homage to one of the show's most soulful queens.

    The only thing better than watching the drag queens turn it out every season on Drag Race is seeing how they take what they learn on the show and apply it to their club appearances on the road. Latrice Royale, a favorite from Season 4 of, is known for giving performances that are both energetic and soulful. And her lip syncs on Ru's main stage were legendary. But in the time since she left the show, Latrice has been touring nightclubs across the country and taking audiences to church! Having developed a style that suits both her persona and taste in music, Latrice has been consistently giving performances that are above and beyond what we saw from her on Drag Race. It's time for us to pay homage.

    4. "Think It Over" by Jennifer Holiday

    I love this performance because it shows off how Latrice uses every tool at her disposal when onstage. Costume changes, choreography, splits, hair-flips and jazz hands. If you're going to werk it, WERK EVERYTHING.

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    3. "Movin' Up" by Inaya Day

    The above lipsync was great, but this one is BEYOND. This performance includes not one but two onstage costume changes. And, as if all the twirls and shoulder shimmies weren't enough, Latrice does the splits twice.

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    2. "You Love Me" by Jill Scott

    Though "You Love Me" was originally recorded by Jill Scott as a ballad, the singer often turns it into a full-on disco jam in live performances. The transition from an operatic love song to disco jam session is perfect for Latrice Royale's performance style. And when she throws all the dollar bills in the air, makes it rain and twirls, we want to twirl along with her.

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    1. "End of the Road" as sung by Gladys Knight

    What's most amazing about this performance, aside from the moment when Latrice decides to take the entire nightclub with her to church, is that the recording is mostly dialogue. Gladys Knight is talking to the audience about the "good ole days" of music and doesn't even begin to sing her version of Boys II Men's classic "End of the Road" until the very end of the recording. Most drag queens wouldn't touch something like this, but the heartfelt and humorous conversation is perfect for Latrice.

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