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    15 Posts About Black Hair Salons That Are Too Damn Real

    "You've got time, right?" — the doomed words of a black hair salon.

    1. When you thought the worst was over, but you were wrong.

    2. When you finally get a hold of your stylist, but she's the one with words for you.

    3. When the wait becomes a little too long and you try to keep your composure before poppin' off.

    4. When she puts you and everyone else on the back burner.

    5. And when you saw it coming, so you set your appointment early.

    6. When you've reached the breaking point and anger turns to tears.

    I'm just here for a wash and set! A wash and set man!!! #blacksalonproblems

    Via Twitter: @tinktink384

    7. Then there's the whole dryer situation.

    8. When you thought you were bold enough to take the situation into your own hands.

    9. When the shop knows the deal, so the entertainment is on deck.

    10. When you realize you'll need to schedule meals accordingly.

    11. When it's time to pay and your stylist tries to hustle you for a little extra.

    12. When you're finally finished and you realize your tight curls looks an awful lot like your beach waves from an appointment ago.

    13. Regardless, your late night appointment means you are ready to SLAY in the A.M.

    14. Or the following work week.

    15. But it'll all be worth it, boo boo.

    After 9 hours you're finally finished and preparing to send your mom a selfie #blacksalonproblems

    Via Twitter: @morgan_christi_


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