Top 20 Things You’ll Remember From UCSD

UC San Diego isn’t just about sun, surf, and science. Once a Triton, always a Triton. (But yes the weather is pretty awesome, we all have to admit.)

20. You get to study in a spaceship.

*Also referred to as “home” during Week 10.

19. It’s easy to make your mark here.

And you weren’t (that) scared to be in this room.

18. Six colleges. One named after Conan.

We kinda blew him away.

17. Even if you were pre-med, you’ve taken every political science class Magagna teaches.

And you probably just showed up for the midterm and final.

16. When UCSD gets bored, UCSD gets creative.

Hella creative.

15. Every time the jets fly over, there is a campus-wide pause in conversation for a good 20 seconds.

Or you run and hide because it’s just THAT loud.

14. All the sweet art pieces around campus.

Yes, our teddy bear will kick your teddy bear’s fluffy butt any day.

13. Revelle to Sixth with a ten minute break between classes?

She better be worth it.

12. Student parking will always suck though.

But usually the reason is we can’t find any damn spaces to park in.

11. The Secret Cookie Service.

Because sometimes you just need an mcc, occ, and cbr combo at 1am, delivered by some cool looking dudes who wear suits and shades 24/7.

10. Her.

We’re pretty certain even the toughest of hearts are melted with one glance of her smile.

9. All the random festivals.

I mean come on. Human hamster balls, fountains of chocolate, and ferris wheels, throughout the year? Sweet.

8. You survived torture by the names of MMW, CAT, or just anything to do with Revelle.

7. 400 students in one lecture? Challenge accepted.

Just don’t come in late and try to get a seat in the middle of the row.

6. There’s always something entertaining going on.

We tried to guess what the point of this was…and we’re going with science experiment.

5. You did more than just the daily class grind.

Because standing up for something you believe in is always in style.

4. Sungod.


3. Washington Monthly ranked UCSD best university in America.

That’s pretty…..legit.

2. No matter what field you studied, there were always professors who were really, really good at what they did, and if you were lucky enough, they’d let you work with them.

Oh hey Roger Tsien. How’s your bio lab going? What? Getting Nobel Prizes in your spare time? You badass, you.

1. And number one (of course): the beach is literally RIGHT HERE. / Via Tumblr

Too bad there is no zipline directly from Geisel to the Shores.

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