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75 Thoughts I Had While Rewatching The First Episode Of "Downton Abbey"

As the season finale hits our screens, let's take a trip back to 1912!

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1. Where has the title sequence gone??

2. Bates is the first character to appear on the show!


4. Sorry for the brief fandom crossover.

5. Ygritte and Anna were roomies?!

6. There are so many servants! Where have they all gone?

7. And William! He was nice.


8. Mrs. Hughes used to be quite stern!

9. Strange seeing Mary with long hair again.

10. I can't believe they used to iron the newspapers in those days.

11. Daisy - "Why are the papers ironed?"

12. We're on the same wavelength, Daisy and I.

13. They all look so...Victorian.

14. Edith on the Titanic – "I thought it was supposed to be unsinkable." Well…


16. Cora has so many frills in bed she looks like a wedding cake.


17. I see a walking stick – Bates is coming!

18. O'Brien on Mary's inheritance – "She's a girl, stupid. Girls can't inherit!" 😡

19. Bates – "I'm John Bates, the new valet."

20. Actually forgot his name was John.

21. Anna – "I'm Anna, the head housemaid."

22. It's definitely love at first sight!

23. Ooh I saw a cheeky smile exchanged! It's on!

24. Barrow and O'Brien are up to something…

25. It's been too long since Barrow had a trick up his sleeve.

26. The Dowager Countess, Maggie Smith enters the room!

27. Violet – "I'm tougher than I look." Six seasons have definitely proven that!


28. They're talking about the new heir. It's Matthew, IT'S MATTHEW!!!

29. Reminder that Daisy used to crush hard on Barrow…

30. Mrs Patmore's words of wisdom – "Nothing makes you hungrier or more tired than grief."

31. Sybil you were always the best peacemaker between Mary and Edith! 😢

32. Carson and Mrs Hughes alone together. You can sense the sparks flying already.

33. Mrs Hughes on the family – "They're not our family."

34. Carson – "Well they're all the family I've got."

35. Mrs Hughes and Carson stare longingly at each other.

36. Menacing music playing while Thomas walks through the village. What's going on I wonder?

37. Forgot how sneaky O'Brien was. Grr.

38. Mr Bates has such twinkly eyes.


40. Nooo when Bates drops the tray…and then Anna goes to help him straight away, of course.

41. The Duke has arrived, aka Daredevil.

42. I apologise again for the fandom crossover. Can't help it.

43. O'Brien that was SO MEAN to trip Bates over!!! Meanie!!!

44. I'm in shock.


45. Cora's quite harsh talking about Bates. Be nice Cora!

46. Carson – "As it is, my Lord, we may have to have a maid in the dining room."

47. Lord Grantham – "Cheer up Carson, there are worse things happening in the world."

48. Carson – "Not worse than a maid serving a Duke." Sort out your priorities, Carson!

49. Please don't fire Bates, Lord Grantham!

50. Bates – "Because I am very eager to stay, my Lord. Very eager indeed."

51. Just look at that puppy face!

52. Mary's wearing what seems to be a bird on her head at dinner. As you do.

53. Anna and Bates are so clearly in love already.

54. Anna to Bates – "There's always a place for a man like you." My heart! 💕

55. Daredevil, as it turns out, is a little gold digger.

56. Lord Grantham on the new heir – "I hope he proves to be perfect, but I rather doubt it."

57. How wrong you are, Lord Grantham, how wrong you are.


59. I actually really like Thomas and the Duke as a couple!

60. I wish Thomas hadn't become so lonely recently.

61. Wow, Barrow's threatening the Duke now! He really does have guts.

62. Gosh, they're both schemers. They really are a perfect match.

63. Duke – "Don't be a bad loser, Thomas."

64. Oof things got sour!

65. Mrs. Hughes on the Duke – "So his grace turned out to be graceless." I'll say.

66. No Bates! Don't go!

67. Lord Grantham – "Goodbye Bates, and good luck." NO, DON'T DO IT!

68. Lord Grantham – "Wait!" YES LORD GRANTHAM, SAVE THE DAY!

69. Lord Grantham – "Get back inside and we'll say no more about it."

70. 👏👏👏

71. MATTHEW!!!


73. He's so beautiful in the sunlight I can't take it.

74. I've missed his lovely face so much.

75. And the episode ends as we stare into his bright blue eyes. As it should.

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