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    25 Times The Cast Of "Agent Carter" Season 2 Were Awesome

    What do I have to do to be a part of their Dubsmash crew?!

    1. When they gave the Backstreet Boys a run for their money.

    Welcome to our family, Reggie Austin 😍

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    2. And when they channeled their inner Spice Girls.

    spice up your life #jamesDarcy @EnverGjokaj

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    3. When Howard and Jarvis tried their hands at male grooming.

    Bonding like primates @dominiccoop #jamesD'Arcy

    4. When Peggy and Jarvis were the cutest friends ever.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    5. When they took adorkable selfies.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    6. When Howard plied like a pro.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    7. When Jarvis revolutionised the art of dancing.

    We dare you to post yourself doing this exact dance. The ones we like we will retweet.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    8. When Peggy tried to recreate #Darcing...

    9. ...followed by Agent Sousa...

    We got to 69k so here is Enver!! @EnverGjokaj 1k more for my attempt at #darcing

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    10. ...and then the "Agent Carter" crew.

    We made 72k you guys are AMAZING so here's our crew #darcing

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    Through Dubsmash Wars and Darcing, Team Carter and Team Shield raised money and awareness for the charity Stomp Out Bullying! How heroic is that?!

    11. When they showed how much work goes into creating a dubsmash masterpiece.

    The making of #DubsmashWars #TeamCarter by @ShimmyBluejeans

    12. And then revealed the finished product. πŸ‘Œ

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    13. When Howard and Peggy were smooth as hell.

    Howard stark testing the comfort chair. "For ladies who like to lounge" @HayleyAtwell

    Via Twitter: @dominiccoop

    14. When whatever's going on here happened.

    Via Twitter: @dominiccoop

    15. When Agent Sousa made a dragon want to retire. 😍

    16. When Peggy enlisted Stan Lee into her squad.

    17. And Stan Lee proved he was just as suave as ever.

    18. When Peggy took a ride with Stan The Man, with Jarvis following not too far behind.

    19. When Peggy wouldn't put up with any of Howard's shenanigans.

    20. When Howard got his own back on an unassuming Peggy.

    21. When there was NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    22. When Peggy did what anyone would do at the end of a hard working day with a pool nearby.

    It's Friday. It's late. I may have lost my mind on set.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    23. When Jarvis was annoying but still as charming as ever.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    24. When Jarvis gave Peggy a migraine.

    Via Twitter: @HayleyAtwell

    25. And when Jarvis had the best reaction to a prank OF ALL TIME!

    YES @ShimmyBluejeans you got James gooooood

    Jarvis! Language! πŸ™Š

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