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21 Reasons Minerva McGonagall Is The Most Badass Queen Ever

No one messes with Minerva.

1. Professor McGonagall has always had the power to make anyone quake in their boots with a single look.

2. No one could place the Sorting Hat on the heads of first years like she does. Just look at that flair.

3. She's just as sassy in feline form as she is in her human state.

4. Professor McGonagall is ruthless. She takes no prisoners, even when they're from her own House.

5. However, she occasionally reveals her cheeky side by slightly bending the rules.

6. Minerva doesn't need a wand to perform magic. Just look at the power in those fingertips.

7. Who else could pull off this tongue twister with such panache?!

8. Anyone who thinks they can question Professor McGonagall is completely and utterly mistaken.

9. When she's had enough of your bullshit, she'll let you know.

10. Minerva has a witty comeback for any remark thrown her way.

11. However, when words can't suffice, beware of her masterful glare.

12. Her diverse facial expressions truly are a sight to behold, especially when she disapproves of something.

13. When faced with the enemy, Professor McGonagall will stand her ground no matter what.

14. She's intimidated by no one. She'll always do the right thing and express her opinions with absolute clarity.

15. Nothing slips past her watchful eye.

16. She's always having to deal with everyone else's crap, and does so like the boss that she is.

17. As the Head of Gryffindor House, Professor McGonagall is brave, loyal, and fiercely protective.

18. She is, and always will be, a bona fide badass.

19. Filch, honey...

... don't waste McGonagall's precious time.

20. She is immensely powerful, commands respect and is a natural leader.

21. Minerva McGonagall is, and always will be, the ultimate Queen of Sass 👑

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