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19 Things That Happen When You're An Excitable Person


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1. Being an excitable person is what you're most known for.

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2. When you're talking about something you love, you can be a bit loud about it.

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3. Especially when you're in public.

4. You're also prone to making high-pitched noises whenever you're trying to contain your excitement.

5. When you hear people discussing something you're passionate about, you HAVE to join in.

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6. Bonding with another human being over one of your favourite things is a magical moment — you just hope they're as excitable as you.

7. Your strongest friendships have been built on foundations of shared obsessions and getting psyched over things no one else cares about.

8. Everyone tags you in Facebook and Instagram posts they think you'll like, because they know you'll truly appreciate it.

9. This is literally you around small animals:

BuzzFeed / Via

10. In fact, you're just like a puppy yourself — super hyper one minute and completely worn out from being excited a second later. / Via

11. You text how you talk: With lots of exclamation marks and emojis!!! 😄

12. And if you don't include at least one smiley in a conversation, your friends will think something's wrong.

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13. Your cheerfulness is infectious, so cheering people up is a specialty of yours.

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14. When one of your friends or family achieves something great, you feel it's your job to make them feel absolutely amazing about it.

15. You're always THAT person when your song comes on in a club.

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16. You love surprises, whether you're giving or receiving them.

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17. You find it really hard keeping surprises a secret, but you NEVER give in.

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18. New people in your life can sometimes feel overwhelmed by your zest for life.

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19. But your true friends love you exactly the way you are, and wouldn't change you for the world.

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