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18 Reasons Being Single During The Winter Is Actually Amazing

All I want for Christmas is food, a onesie, and Christmas movie marathons.

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1. You don’t have the pressure of buying an amazing gift for your S.O. to prove your love.


2. And you can spend all that money you would've spent on someone else...on yourself instead!

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

3. You don't have to fight with anyone over whose family you'll spend the holidays with.

ABC / Via

4. It'll be a surprise who you kiss under the mistletoe, and who doesn't love surprises?

Walt Disney Studios / Via

5. Who you kiss on New Year's Eve will also be an exciting mystery!

Fox / Via

6. And if you don't want to kiss anyone, that's awesome too!

Hollywood / Via

7. You can avoid the best Christmas movie debate and watch your favorites ALL THE TIME!

New Line Cinema / Via

8. No one will stop you from rocking out to your favorite Christmas songs around the clock.

NBC / Via

But, like, why would they anyway???


9. You can pine over a romantic fictional character without making anyone jealous.

Universal Pictures / Via

10. Two words: NO SHAVING.


11. Onesies are way more comfortable than twosies.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Via

12. Ice skating as a couple is actually pretty dangerous.


13. Netflix and chill does not mean ~something else~. It means drinking hot chocolate while binge-watching Breaking Bad.

Warner Bros. / Via

14. When you're cold on those freezing winter nights, no one will hog the blankets. The bed is ALL YOURS.

Fox / Via

15. Who needs a cuddle from a human when you can snuggle with a furry friend?


16. Sexy lingerie or ten layers of Christmas jumpers? Tough one.

Comedy Central / Via

17. The best relationship anyone can have during the holidays is with food anyway.

NBC / Via

18. With New Year's resolutions just around the corner, it's the perfect time to focus on yourself. / Via

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