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17 Little Moments Every Woman Will Find Satisfying

Free coffee = WINNING AT LIFE

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1. When you wake up feeling refreshed after an amazing eight-hour sleep.

Jenna Marbles / Via

2. When the train arrives at the platform and the doors open directly in front of you.

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3. When your music's on shuffle and it's SO GOOD that you don't skip any songs.


4. When you have enough stamps for a free coffee.

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5. When you pay the exact amount for something and use up all of your change.

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6. When you decide to match your bra with your underwear. Such sophistication!

Columbia Pictures

7. When you're out shopping and you find incredible bargains that are actually in your size.

Columbia Pictures

8. When you find gum at the bottom of your bag when you're desperately in need of some minty freshness.

9. When you discover money in the pocket of your jeans.

10. Most importantly, when you randomly find long-lost food. All hail cereal bars!


11. When you're on the treadmill and a song starts playing that perfectly matches your tempo.

Carson Dean / Via

12. When you compose a witty tweet and receive a bunch of favourites and retweets.

13. When you wear clothes fresh from the clean laundry...for a change.


14. When your nail polish magically hasn't chipped in five days.

Beyoncé / Via

15. When the dentist congratulates you on your beautifully flossed teeth.

16. When your winged eyeliner is the definition of perfection.


17. Finally, improving any bad day when you remember that you're the sperm that won the race. Go you.


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