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14 Times Classic Doctor Who Had Companions Not From Modern Day Earth..

..and they didn't fancy the Doctor either! Shocking!?

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2. Leela

Leela was a badass from the Sevateem Tribe.. although technically human, these humans had reverted into savages and lived on a colonized planet where the Doctor found her.. and her knife.

3. Nyssa

Nyssa basically grew up in a Utopian society where 'the air was so full of goodness, evil just shriveled up and died.' She was from the planet Traken.. unfortunately for her though, her step mom went cray cray and The Master killed her dad and took over his body.. so much for that Utopian life.

Which brings me to..

5. Vislor Turlough

The Doctor ran into Turlough on Earth, where he was exiled during Trion's (his home planet) civil war. While on Earth he was working with the Black Guardian to kill the Doctor in exchange for his freedom..

Fun Fact: Whining like a stuck up school boy came naturally to him.

7. Ace

OK Ace was a modern day human, but I'm counting her because she got around.. literally! A time storm in her room swept her up to Sabalom Glitz's space craft. It docked on Iceworld in the far future. Ace was then stuck there until she met the Doctor..

9. Katarina

Another human, but Katarina was from ancient Troy.. she thought the Doctor was a God, but still no funny business..

Fun Fact: First companion to bite it- in the 4th ep of 'The Daleks' Master Plan she got sucked out into space..

13. Kamelion

Does he even count? Believe me, I take no pleasure in adding him to the list, but for the good of my point and the list..

Well if he counts then we can't leave out..

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