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12 Reasons Why Jane The Virgin Empowers Women

If you haven't seen Jane The Virgin, what have you been doing?! Granted, we all have lives to live, but this TV show is more than just the usual... it actually empowers women!

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1. There are three women running the household.

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Jane, her mother Xiomara AKA Xo, and her Abuela, all live in the house together. Not only do they uplift each other to chase down their dreams, but they don't depend on any man to pay their bills, or run the household.

2. Jane chooses to be a virgin, and is respected for it. / Via

In modern culture virgins are humoured, however Jane the Virgin promotes the fact that women have choices. Whether you choose to stay a virgin until marriage (like Jane), or you don't (like Xo), the show never makes you think of either types of women in a negative way.

3. Her mother is never the typical mummy-figure. / Via

TV mothers tend to be the typical loving types, or really evil and slutty. Jane's mother is quite promiscuous and sexy, but at the same time she plays the loving role too.

4. The evil mastermind Sin Rostro is a woman! / Via

Usually evil masterminds come in the form of big, burly men, with sinister faces, but in this case it's a woman. Throughout the time that we don't know who the evil person is, they are referred to as 'the man without a face', as if a woman would never have the capacity to even commit those crimes. It breaks away from the usual thing where all women are supposed to be nice and nurturing, while the men are evil. OK it's a negative role, but it just shows that women are equal to men in all aspects of life!

5. They include a lesbian relationship. / Via

Not only is the lesbian relationship not seen as a big deal, where the family are in complete acceptance of it, but they also don't have the typical 'butch' image that viewers expect. You don't even realise either of the characters are lesbian, just the way it is in real life.

6. There is mother/daughter support all round. / Via

Whether it's Abuela mothering Xo, Xo mothering Jane, or even the relationship between Petra and her mother, the relationships between these women are empowering.

7. Jane has career aspirations, and doesn’t think that being pregnant is the end of that. / Via

Jane wants to be a writer, and even after finding out about her pregnancy her career aspirations do not falter. Being a working-mother is a usual occurence in the modern world, and it's nice to see TV shows encouraging the idea that it is possible to be both. Since finding out about her pregnancy, Jane continues to work as a waitress, as well as being a teacher, and then going on to be a romance writer. The best part is, nobody ever tells her she can't.

8. The guys dont fight over jane because she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but because of who she is. / Via

Jane is beautiful, but her two love interests love her for her. They aren't trying to get in her pants, and she is not sexualised in any way, promoting the ideology that women don't have to attract good-looking men with their bodies. It's about time female characters were presented as more than just beautiful women, and Jane Villanueva is exactly that!

9. Single-mothers are doing it for themselves! / Via

There is an amazing scene where Jane talks about being a single-mum, that depicts the exact equilibrium of how hard it can be, but also the independence aspect of motherhood. Xo is also a brilliant single-mum, which is evident throughout the whole series.

10. It promotes female relationships. / Via

There is so much sisterhood going on it's unreal. Jane has so many amazing women in her life, from her mum, to her abuela, but also her best friend Lina, and sometimes she even gets on with her current boyfriend's ex-wife, who hates her.

11. The main cast consists of more women than men. / Via

In a world where most TV shows are male-dominated, it's refreshing to see more women running the show.

12. The creator is female. / Via

According to IMDB, the creator of Jane The Virgin is Jennie Snyder Urman. Not only is this show giving females more screen time, but even off-screen practices are seeing more women. The only way is up girls!

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