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  • 14 Problems Arab Youth Have To Deal With Today. And This Is Not Even The Half Of It.

    Although this is not the most historically and culturally appropriate medium for the reality and intensity of our problems, it is a first person account of some of the problems Arabs face in a post-colonial-mid-commotion society. This is mostly meant for Arab youth like me and unlike me, but also for non-Arabs like and unlike us. It is meant to promote awareness, empathy, understanding, and solidarity. So heres a summarized, simplified, amateur, interpreted, free-form, buzz-feed version of a narrative which usually comes from old white men - from a young brown woman.

  • 13 Delicacies That Aren’t Israeli

    Cultural appropriation is at least inappropriate. Israel has colonized Palestinian indigenous land and displaced and dispossessed Palestinians. Now it is claiming Palestinian traditions as its own. After claiming 13 Middle Eastern foods as Israeli, a buzzfeed article claimed that ‘in Israel hummus flows almost as freely as water’… unfortunately, Israel has ensured that water doesn’t flow freely to Palestinians, now they’re appropriating food too! Many of the dishes that Israelis claim as their own are from the Mediterranean region common to all Arabs as well as Turks, Greeks, Cypriots, Armenians, and Persians. Everyone should enjoy the food the world has to offer, just don’t colonize and appropriate it.

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