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27 Totally Accurate Pie Charts To Help You Celebrate Pi Day

You are 100% all of these.

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1. Plan ahead? Nah.

2. Third option: cry.

3. Smile, nod, repeat.

4. An analysis of the nightmare that is text wrapping.

5. Every reason is a good reason.

6. Just keep scrolling.

7. We're no strangers to love.

8. Sharing is for suckers.

9. Group projects are the actual worst.

10. Welcome to Mario Kart!

11. You're procrastinating right now, aren't you?

12. Nothing keeps you awake more than trying to fall asleep.

13. ""

14. Why you write stuff down in class:

15. "Ouch!"

16. For those of us who have 500 tabs on our browsers at any given time.

17. And during your favorite part, too.

18. *Screen freezes*

19. We've learned so much from the potions master.

20. Can you give me some space, please??

21. "You're beautiful, it's true..."

22. It's an optical illusion!

23. Always.

24. It's all you need.

25. Admit it, you've definitely slurped up Fruit by the Foot like a big, fruity noodle.

26. A literal interpretation.

27. The most accurate pie chart in this list.

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