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All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Is TWO HOURS?!

Here's what some other TV characters have done in time it takes Trump to say, "You're fired."

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Rachel Green flew to London to stop Ross' marriage, then to Greece on Ross' honeymoon, and finally back to New York in time to see Phoebe give birth to her brother's triplets.

The Amazing Race's Josh and Brent flew from Malloraca to Barcelona, took a train to the French Loire Valley, drove to Chateau de Villandry, flew 3,600 miles to LaGuardia, took a taxi to Coney Island, won a million dollars, and kissed on CBS.

Carrie Mathison discovered Brody was a terrorist, told his family, prevented his suicide bombing, was jailed, got out of jail, took electroshock therapy, and forgot the whole thing.

Jack Bauer saved Palmer from an explosive cell phone, covered up his rescue, killed Victor, killed Andre, told Mason that Nina was a mole, and found his wife's dead body.

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